Apps and services for keeping safe as a student studying away from home

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Safety is a huge concern for any international student when they move abroad, as well as for domestic students moving away to university. While different countries and universities will have a range of different safety measures and initiatives in place for all students, there are some universal apps and ways to stay safe when living in a foreign country. 

Scholarship of the month: Google Generation Scholarships

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Google has now opened up applications for its 2022 scholarships for international students.

A variety of different scholarships are available for different student groups and in a selection of countries and regions around the world.

Most students will be required to submit an online application and to supply a range of supporting materials.

What not to do when applying for your student visa

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With all the various deadlines, supporting documents and ongoing admin, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process of applying for your student visa.

Different countries will have different requirements so, before you get started, take some time to read the government guidance around filling out your student visa application. 

Nursing (Adult Health)

Make a difference to someone’s life when it matters most. Our degree in Nursing (Adult Health) will prepare you to care for adults with acute/long-term illness. Upon completion you will be ready to play a vital role in health promotion and disease prevention as well as nursing adults.

Business Analytics, business administration

Your studies in this programme will focus on theoretical knowledge and technical skills in relevant business analytics methods, including data analytics, modelling, simulation, and multiple-criteria decision-making and evaluation methods and their practical use on real-world data in a real-world business or industry context. The software and tools applied during the course are standard in the industry.


Six tips for international students to travel more sustainably

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Travelling abroad is a a huge factor in increasing your carbon footprint and unfortunately this is something international students can’t always avoid. 

While it’s inevitable you will have to take flights while travelling to and from your university there are ways you can mitigate your carbon footprint and contribute to carbon neutrality.