How to network as an international student

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Studying abroad is not only a great chance to pursue your academic studies, but an opportunity to build a network of diverse contacts and mentors to help kickstart your graduate career.

This can be done through contacting university alumni now working in positions you’re interested in or attending on-campus career fairs and networking events.


An integrated masters degree allows you to reach the equivalent of a BSc in two years, before studying masters level modules to receive an MAcc qualification. This qualification gains you an exemption from ACCA’s nine Applied Knowledge and Skills papers. 

The co-design of the degree with the ACCA ensures credibility and relevance of teaching is maintained so you can be confident that what you are being taught is what industry demands.


Nine common job interview questions and how to answer them

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All job interviews are different, and depending on what kind of industry you are planning on joining, the interview questions will vary. However, the main aim of the interview is to work out if you will be a good fit for the role and the company. And there are only a few ways you can really work that out in an hour.

So, while we can’t guarantee that you will be asked any of the exact questions below, there’s a good chance you might encounter some variation thereof.

Virtual internships: what are the benefits for international students?

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Internships can provide you with a range of skills necessary to succeed in the workplace that you often can’t get from academic studies.

They can help you build your understanding of workplace culture, develop your communication, time management, problem-solving skills and expand your global fluency.

Crucially, internships also offer students the opportunity to network with people in relevant professional circles, which can potentially lead to additional work placements and career opportunities.


The one skill all students should acquire to boost employability

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Which skills should you develop beyond the knowledge you gain during your degree at university?

Many people will tell you that you need to be a problem-solver, that you need to develop critical thinking, data analysis capabilities and inquiry skills. There are also many important emotional intelligence skills, such as empathy, self-awareness and motivation. 

How to boost your career prospects as a university student

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Work experience is key to getting into graduate work. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a huge dent in the number of internship and placement opportunities offered by employers. Lack of relevant work experience is now a top concern of job-seeking students.

There is, however, some good news on the work experience front. The Institute of Student Employers (ISE) has said that in some sectors the shrinkage in opportunities has levelled off, while they are increasing in other sectors.

Climate action and sustainable development: what students can do

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Sustainability is becoming more important across the university sector and students today are increasingly engaged in tackling social and environmental issues and expect their university to do the same.

Here are just some ways that students can be part of the change.

Research your university’s actions on sustainable development

Universities in Australia that accept the gaokao

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China’s National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), or gaokao, is the admission test that all final-year school students in the country must take if they wish to win a place in a Chinese university.

Many international universities now accept the gaokao as part of a student’s application form. If you have taken the gaokao and are considering studying abroad, then here is a list of all the universities in Australia accepting the gaokao.