Best universities for law degrees in Canada 2022

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Canada is both a French- and English-speaking country, which makes it an ideal place for students wishing to study law in a diverse, global environment.

Like in the US, students who study at a Canadian law school will graduate with a juris doctor (JD) degree, which takes three years to complete. Before applying for law school in Canada, students are required to sit the LSAT test to ensure they have enough prior knowledge of Canadian law.

Software and Systems Engineering

As a graduate in software engineering, you will be able to develop profitable, sustainable and user-friendly solutions for different needs. You will understand that software and IT hardware are tools for solutions: they often serve as an essential support for other disciplines, in addition to creating opportunities and services themselves. 


Mechanical Engineering

The main themes of the studies are production technology, the design of demanding metal structures and robotic welding or the design of mechatronic equipment. At the end of the studies, you will be able to build, measure and test a variety of sustainable technical solutions, both in practice and virtually.