Computing Science

Why study this programme

In independent research assessments over the past 10 years, our institute has consistently been ranked as the top computing science institute in the Netherlands. Especially in Cyber Security research, Radboud University is leading.


"Why study Biology in Nijmegen?

The programme lays the foundation in Biology and Medical Biology but also offers a lot of flexibility. First, you’ll develop an understanding of the entire field of biology by following courses from all learning trajectories. Later on, you will choose the learning trajectory of your interest in Biology or Medical Biology.

You will make use of excellent research facilities. For example, brand new green houses, the Phytotron (root laboratory), and scanners for measuring brain activity.

Business Administration

"Why study Business Administration?
You will be taught a wider range of perspectives than 'just' economics or IT in organisations; more focus on acquiring research skills than in other business programmes in the Netherlands; a personal approach to education and small-scale teaching and six months of studying or internship abroad as optional or fixed part of the programme."


Studying at an English-speaking university as a non-native speaker

Submitted by seeta.bhardwa@… on Mon, 08/09/2021 - 13:05

The main barrier I found when applying to an international university was not the application itself or obtaining a study permit, but the worry over how I would go from using my native language, Portuguese, to being taught in my second language, English.

I knew English from high school, but I questioned whether it would be sufficient at university.

Scholarship of the month: Chevening Scholarship

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Applications for Chevening Scholarships are now open for students from a range of countries looking to study in the UK. 

The Chevening Scholarships make up the UK government’s global scholarship programme. They are open to students from 160 countries, including China, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya and Malaysia. The number of scholarships available varies from country to country. 

The scholarships offer full financial support for students looking to study for a master’s degree at any UK university.