Best universities in Wisconsin 2022

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Wisconsin is situated in the US Midwest. It borders Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan, as well as two Great Lakes.

The state is home to a number of thriving industries, from manufacturing to entertainment, as well as a good balance of city and country and a number of respected universities. Given that living costs in Wisconsin are slightly lower than those in other US states, it’s a good choice for students.

A variety of outdoor activities are on offer in this area, including fishing, skiing, hiking and water sports.


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英国国际贸易部和英国教育部联合发布的《国际教育战略2022年更新》指出,到2030年,在英国学习的国际高等教育学生数量将增加到每年60万人次。英国政府部门在积极与高等教育界携手提高国际留学生申请、学习和就业的体验。2020 年底,英国政府宣布了一项新的国际交流计划,即“图灵计划” (Turning Scheme)。该计划以数学家艾伦 ·图灵 (Alan Turing) 的名字命名,为包括留学生在内的英国大学生、中小学学生提供海外学习和培训的机会。对此,英国政府从2021年9月开始,每年拨款1亿英镑,资助三万五千名在英国学校读书的学生,特别是弱势群体学生。


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Ph.D Program in School of Pharmacy

The Ph.D. Program in School of Pharmacy is a top destination for analytical brains willing to uncover new knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Students can select their specialization from a range of streams such as Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology. In particular, students learn to employ a rational structure-based approach for the design and synthesis of small molecule cancer therapeutics.

Ph.D. Program in School of Nursing

School of Nursing offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) to prepare professional nurses with advanced knowledge to meet the health needs of people globally. With a strong mission to engage in interdisciplinary and industrial/academic collaboration in areas encompassing culture, society, and ecology, we develop an innovative, comprehensive, and extensive curriculum.

Ph.D. Program in Global Health and Health Security

Ph.D. students enrolling to the Global Health and Health Security program (GHHS) can choose their research advisors across the TMU campus with expertise ranging from medicine, public health, health management, law, environmental health, data science, big data, and international health security. Research priorities of the program are twofold: infectious disease control and impact of global policy on chronic disease.