What’s it like going to an all-female university as an international student?

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Historically speaking, women’s colleges have been places of mentorship, leadership and sisterhood for talented women who were previously denied educational opportunities because of their gender.

Although many female colleges have now merged, closed or become co-ed, a number of women-only institutions remain, offering a unique educational experience you may not have considered before.

But what’s it like being an international student at an all-women’s university?

What I gained from getting involved with leadership opportunities at university

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Most universities will spoil you with choice when it comes to leadership opportunities. Whether you join an academic society, get involved with student politics or lead a sports team, there is a lot of invaluable experience to be gained outside the classroom.

Learning to work within a team, achieving a common goal, and exploring and discovering new interests will not only help your personal growth and confidence at university, but it will also help you stand out to employers when you graduate.

Eight things all students should know about studying in New York

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Where to even begin with a city like New York? Its fast-paced, sprawling, multicultural neighbourhoods have attracted international students for years – and for good reason.

It is home to some of the top universities in the world and a plethora of employment opportunities, and it’s a great city to base yourself in and explore the best of what the US has to offer.

Covid-19 travel updates for international students for the UK, the US, Canada and Australia

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As travel disruptions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic continue, international students face uncertainty around when they will be able to return to their study destinations.

With constant updates and rule changes from country to country, it can be confusing to keep up with the most recent information on travel restrictions. This is especially true for international students, who have had to navigate online learning while staying on top of the latest travel announcements.

Seven things all international students should know about studying in Sydney

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Home to five large universities, Sydney is a great choice for any international student. It is packed full of things to do and things to see, meaning that you’ll never be bored. The year-round sunshine is also an added bonus.

However, when moving abroad to Sydney for the first time, having a few nuggets of information in your back pocket about how to get around the city and where to find the best food is invaluable.

Have a look at some of tips below for international student moving to Sydney.

Getting a driving licence as an international student: what are the rules for the UK, US, Australia and Canada?

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Depending on your needs, preferences and your university’s location, you may wish to drive when studying abroad as an international student.

While it’s not essential for all international students to drive at university, if it’s something you want, you’ll need to be prepared and do the necessary admin to get you on the road safely and with the right licence.


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HSE Professional

Applicants will be admitted to the study program in full-time study at the master's follow-up study. There is no exam in the admission procedure. Graduates of bachelor study programs of similar specialization may be admitted to study. Assessing the content of previous courses and comparing them with the required basics is done by the program guarantor on the basis of a comparison of curriculum subjects and teaching ranges. The results of previous studies will be taken into account. The final decision will be made by the Dean. 



The program is the continuation to the Bachelor's degree programs in Finance, Accounting and Taxation, Economics and Management, Marketing and other programs of economic orientation. Candidates who have completed at least a bachelor degree program and demonstrated knowledge of English language can apply. The program is prepared as a two-year course. It is completed by the state examination and defence of the thesis. Successful graduates are awarded the master title.