Scholarships for students from Japan to study abroad

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Finding a scholarship is one of the biggest concerns students have when embarking on their study abroad journey.

There are many scholarships or partial scholarships available to international students, but trying to find the right one for you can be difficult when faced with so much choice and different eligibility requirements.

A guide to student accommodation in Canada

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Thinking about where to live when embarking on your study abroad journey in Canada is one of the biggest things you will have to organise. There are a range of factors to consider, such as your budget, whether you want to live on campus, how you will make friends in Canada, whether you would prefer to furnish your home yourself and so much more.

Luckily Canada has a range of options that prospective international students can choose from, which you can have a look at below. 

National Student Survey 2021: overall satisfaction results show varied impact of Covid-19

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The results of the UK’s National Student Survey 2021 are in, offering insight into how Covid-19 has affected the university study experience.

About 330,000 students from hundreds of universities, colleges and other providers across the UK completed the 2021 National Student Survey. This is up from the 310,000 students who answered the survey in 2020.

Survey questions covered all areas of academic life, including the quality of teaching, feedback on work, and learning resources.


Eight Olympians with degrees you wouldn’t expect

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Colleges and universities around the world have long been associated with the Olympic Games, often spotting talented young athletes and giving them the support and coaching they need to make it to the Games.

Though these Olympians are famous for their sporting prowess, you may be surprised to learn they also found time to pursue a totally unrelated course while at university.

Here are eight Olympians (past and present) with degrees you wouldn’t expect.

GRE General Test: what it is and how to prepare for it

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The Graduate Record Exam or GRE is a well-known standardised test required by some graduate schools and master’s programmes as part of your application.

Applicants come from all over the world, with a diverse range of professional experiences and academic qualifications at graduate level, so the GRE provides a helpful benchmark of comparison for university admissions offices.

A guide to post-study work visas in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany and New Zealand

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For any student looking to study abroad, one of the key questions they might ask is how the experience will set them up for life. Students want to know what their return on investment will be, and how their time at university will benefit them when they graduate and are job-hunting. 

As well as studying a course that values career development skills, you’ll also want to know what opportunities will be available to you in your study abroad country. 

Ucas clearing 2021: will it be different because of Covid-19?

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After a turbulent year for higher education due to Covid-19, there are some concerns around how the pandemic may affect Ucas clearing 2021 in the UK. 

Ucas clearing is the process where students who didn’t meet the grades of their firm and insurance university choices are able to shop around for other courses at universities in the UK.

This year Ucas expects more than 30,000 courses to become available for students to explore through clearing.