Best universities in Wisconsin 2022

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Wisconsin is situated in the US Midwest. It borders Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan, as well as two Great Lakes.

The state is home to a number of thriving industries, from manufacturing to entertainment, as well as a good balance of city and country and a number of respected universities. Given that living costs in Wisconsin are slightly lower than those in other US states, it’s a good choice for students.

A variety of outdoor activities are on offer in this area, including fishing, skiing, hiking and water sports.

Clearing 2022: advice from university admissions officers

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Following a few years of disrupted exams and university terms, it feels as though things are finally starting to settle after the Covid-19 pandemic. But what does that mean for students who are collecting their A-level results this year?

This year is set to be competitive, with a record number of university applicants, although universities will be taking the past couple of years into account when looking at applications. 

What can I expect during my first week of university?

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Do all university semesters start the same way and have the same events? Are the same terms used around the world for the first week of university? Although each country will share similarities when it comes to the beginning of university, they will have their own unique way of introducing new students to the institution. 

Choosing a university: UK versus Australia 

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Australia and the UK are popular destinations for international students because of their highly ranked universities and exciting student lifestyle. To help you choose between them, we’ve included each step of the application process, as well as the differences in course structures and student life to help you choose which country might be more suitable for you.

The application process 


Scholarship of the month: Chevening scholarships

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Applications for the UK’s Chevening scholarships are now open for the 2023/2024 academic year. 

Chevening scholarships, the British government’s global scholarship programme, are open to students from 160 countries, including China, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya and Malaysia. The number of scholarships available varies from country to country. 

The Chevening scholarship is a fully funded scholarship to study for a master’s course at a UK university. It includes flights, course fees and accommodation.