Scholarships for students from Hong Kong to study abroad

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When it comes to studying abroad, there are many things to consider – and one of the biggest things to organise is how to fund it.

Scholarships are a great way to gain some extra help towards tuition fees and living costs, and there are probably more scholarships available than you might think. Scholarships are available for students for a range of reasons including academic achievement, financial status and home country.

Best universities for social sciences degrees in the UK

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The social sciences are fields that explore the relationships between individuals and societies. Subjects under this umbrella include anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, linguistics, politics, psychology and sociology.

In the UK, undergraduate courses tend to be in one subject within the social sciences as opposed to a singular social sciences degree.

Student visa applications for the UK: what has changed under Covid-19?

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On top of travel restrictions and online lessons, Covid-19 has disrupted the normal processes of applying for a student visa.

Overall, the application process for a student visa in the UK remains largely the same, but a number of rules have been adapted to accommodate international students facing complications. 

Below is everything you’ll need to keep in mind when applying for a UK student visa during Covid-19.

Study permits for Canada: what has changed under Covid-19?

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On top of travel restrictions and online lessons, Covid-19 has also caused disruptions to the normal processes of applying for a student visa.

As a top study-abroad destination, Canada has made several changes to its study permit application system to accommodate international students facing these complications. An important note to remember here is that study permits and student visas mean the same thing here.

Best universities in the US for education degrees

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To become a teacher in the US, you must be licensed by the state in which you want to teach, and most teacher-training courses begin at the postgraduate level. Aspiring teachers will often complete an undergraduate degree in any subject, then enrol in an accredited teacher programme. 

Everything international students need to know about student visas in New Zealand

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Although a small island nation, with just a handful of universities, New Zealand is a popular destination for international students. All eight universities rank in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the postgraduate opportunities are a key reason why students choose to study there. 

However, before you can study in New Zealand, you need to complete the visa application process, which can require a lot of organisation. 

Best universities for education degrees in the UK

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Education can be studied at many different levels in the UK. Some students choose to complete an undergraduate degree in a subject of their choice and then do a one-year PGCE to become a qualified teacher. 

Some universities offer undergraduate education degrees with an option to become a qualified teacher by the end.

There are also various master’s courses in education, allowing students to specialise in certain topics to develop their knowledge and research skills in the education field.

Entrepreneurship is a new career choice for university students

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The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed many of us to implement ideas that had been on the back burner for years. More and more entrepreneurs are pursuing their passion projects alongside their work and studies and so putting their ideas into action.

Companies are finding new ways of working and delivering value to their customers and stakeholders.