Video: how I got into Stanford University as a low-income international student

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How do you get into a top US university such as Stanford? What do US colleges look for in your application? How can you afford to study in the US?

When Indian student Manu Chauhan started looking into studying in the US, he had all the same questions. While many international students dream of studying in the US, the high cost of studying, the competitive application processes and the lack of access to admissions advice can easily make this goal feel out of reach.

BE Chemical Engineering and Technology

The educational mission of the Chemical Engineering and Technology is to prepare students with a broad knowledge and in-depth academic foundation in the field of chemical engineering and chemical technology, on which to continue developing intellectual capacity and the scholarly training needed to address engineering design, system analysis, process integration, operational management and academic research in chemical engineering, chemical technology, energy and power engineering, environmental engineering, material science and engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, and biochemical engine

Civil Engineering B.E

This course offers a broad-based knowledge in civil engineering covering geotechnical, structural and water engineering, placing an equal emphasis on both analysis and design. You will dissect these three areas and their inherent interconnections, giving you the skills to become an effective civil engineer. 


BA Clinical Medicine(MBBS)

The goal of the JSU MBBS program is to train the undergraduate students to develop basic medical knowledge, standardized clinical skills, and a n appropriate professional attitude, that will lay foundation for their further study in medical practice, medical research, health administration, etc.


BA Accounting

The mission of the Bachelor of Art in Accounting Program is to advance students' career opportunities in accounting in the public and private sectors. Accounting is a critical component of any company or organization. Accounting as a profession has seen a major shift in recent decades, from a strictly financial focus of economic accountability to a more complex role within business organizations and management.