English Language and Linguistics

You’ll engage with theories of how language works as well as hands-on analysis of linguistic data. The challenging integration of theory and practice will enable you to become a uniquely skilled analytical thinker and problem-solver. Your knowledge and understanding of how a language works and how we communicate, and the skills you will develop along the way, will give you a solid foundation for a wide range of careers.

Student visas for Australia: what’s changed under Covid-19?

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Australia has strict Covid-19 travel restrictions in place and it is predicted that borders may stay closed to large numbers of students until the second half of 2022. 

On top of this, Australia has made some temporary changes to its student visa regulations to accommodate Covid-19 disruptions.

Below is everything you need to know about the changes to student visa processes in Australia that have come in due to the pandemic.

How to avoid fraudulent university courses as an international student

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Fees, visas, accommodation, qualification equivalencies, travel – about as much work can go into planning international study as it can to the course itself.

Among many factors, students want to be reassured that the college or university is of a high standard and that their new qualification will be valuable enough to find a job that justifies the investment.

However, sometimes students can forget to check whether the institution really does have the power to award them their degree in the first place.

Best universities for social sciences degrees in Canada

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The social sciences include anthropology, geography, politics, media and communications studies, and sociology.

Social science students learn how to analyse complex problems, explore the best solutions and communicate their discoveries effectively. These transferrable skills can be applied to a variety of careers.

Computer Science

Our broad and principled approach to computer science will give you a thorough grounding in theory as well as practical skills, helping you to solve real-world problems. Learn in our modern, self-contained building houses a range of computer labs stocked with the latest technologies. The popular Computer Science study and social pod is open 24/7 for group and individual study and events.

Student visas for the US: what has changed under Covid-19?

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If travel restrictions and online lessons weren’t enough, the US government has made some temporary changes to the usual F-1 and J-1 visa regulations to accommodate Covid-19. 

A few different student visas are available to study in the US and now that the application processes have changed, it can be difficult to keep on top of the requirements. 

Below is everything you need to know about the changes to student visa processes in the US that have come in as a result of the pandemic. 

Best universities in Canada for education degrees

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In Canada, teacher certification differs slightly between provinces. Generally speaking, you can become a qualified teacher in Canada by earning a bachelor of education degree from an approved university and completing a period of supervised classroom teaching as part of the course. Or you can complete an undergraduate degree in any subject and then enrol on a postgraduate teacher education programme.