How joining a society helped me settle in as an international student

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One of the best things about university is that whatever you’re interested in, be it sport, theatre or appreciating Nicolas Cage, there’s probably a student society or club full of other people with the same passion. If not, you can set one up and get university funding by registering with your students’ union.

Mechanical Engineering

The program is delivered by one of the fast growing institution of higher learning, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU). Being situated in the Eastern Province, PMU not only has the benefit of being in one of the most progressive and fast evolving cities in the Kingdom, but it also has the advantage of being all around massive global companies such as: Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Halliburton, Yokogawa, Schlumberger and GE.

This gives our students a massive geographical advantage with the ease of studying, Interning and working all in the same city.

Video: advice from employers for university students on career development

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When searching for a job, students can find themselves swamped with information and advice about how to make themselves attractive to employers, leaving them feeling overwhelmed. Some employers might state that they value good communication over organisation skills; others might prioritise time management over good teamwork.

Truly it really will depend on the industry you wish to work in, the role you are applying for and the specific qualities sought by an employer.

Five practical skills all international students should have before starting university

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University is a learning curve in more ways than one. While it’s natural to focus on the academic side of things when applying for university, once they arrive on campus many students find themselves wishing they’d spent some more time on practical skills.

A recent survey from Ivory Research found that 64 per cent of students in the UK had never done laundry, 53 per cent had never gone food shopping and just under half had never practised cooking before going to university.

Developing transferrable skills as a university student

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During your time at university, you’ll hear many employers, academics, alumni and careers staff say you need to develop “transferable skills to secure internships and jobs. But what does this mean?

Generally, these transferable skills can be defined as being non-technical or subject knowledge related. They’re a broad set of skills that can be developed in one setting but be of great use in another, hence they “transfer” across a range of roles and industries.

Five Instagram accounts to help you learn English

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On public transport, in restaurants and at home, people scroll through social media more than ever before. While these platforms are great for staying connected to your social and support networks, social media can also help you learn English and access study resources.

Read more to find out the benefits of using Instagram to learn English, and discover five Instagram accounts to help you study.