Best universities in the United States for medicine degrees 2023

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Top 10 universities for medicine in US 2023

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US medicine rank 2023 WUR medicine rank 2023 University State
1 3 Harvard University Massachusetts
2 6 Stanford University California
3 9 Yale University Connecticut
4 11 Johns Hopkins University Maryland
5 12 Columbia University New York
6 15 University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
7 16 University of California, Los Angeles California
8 =17 University of Washington Washington
9 =19 University of California, Berkeley California
10 22 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Michigan

Students who wish to study medicine in the US will have to take a slightly different approach than they would for other countries.

In most cases, medical degrees can be taken only at the postgraduate level, and this is usually a five-year course. At the undergraduate level, students can take health- and science-related courses, which are known as “pre-med”. Students will then go on to apply for medical school, known as “post-med” or MD (doctor of medicine).

Nearly all universities will provide guidance about which undergraduate courses are most recommended and will provide major and minor programmes that will start students on their medical career journey. It is usually recommended that students take courses in the sciences and maths, but this can vary across universities.

Many US medical schools will require students to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) as part of their application.

These are the best universities in the US for medical degrees 2023.

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5. Columbia University 

The Columbia University Irving Medical Center is also home to the largest medical research enterprise in New York and is one of the largest medicine faculties in the Northeast.

There are three current faculty members at the school who have received the Nobel Prize for medicine. 

The Columbia University Irving Medical Center includes the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (originally founded in in 1767), the College of Dental Medicine, School of Nursing and Mailman School of Public Health. 

A range of programmes are on offer across the department such as the MD in general medicine, which combines science and clinical medicine with humanism and professionalism, with the option of taking university-wide electives alongside your studies. 

There's also a range of dual degree programmes, courses in human nutrition, physical therapy and occupational therapy, as well as PhDs with research opportunities across the field of biomedical science. 

4. Johns Hopkins University

Students at Johns Hopkins University can choose from an MD programme, as well as graduate, PhD and fellowship programmes.

The university offers an undergraduate major in medicine, science and the humanities, which explores the history of medicine and health.

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland is named after the philanthropist Johns Hopkins, who used his wealth to establish a hospital where everyone could get care, regardless of age, race and sex. The Johns Hopkins Hospital opened in 1889, and the School of Medicine opened four years later.

Teaching at the university follows the “Genes to Society” curriculum, which “presents a model of health and disease based in the principles of adaptation to the environment, variability of the genotype and stratification of risk” rather than approaching health and disease as two different subjects.

The Johns Hopkins Medical School was among the first medical schools in the US to admit women, back in 1893.

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3. Yale University

The medical school at Yale University offers a number of MD and PhD programmes for students looking to pursue a career in medicine.

The Yale School of Public Health also offers a range of courses in public health as well as joint degree programmes with other faculties.

All medical school students will take a clinical skills course in the first 18 months of their degree; this teaches students how to interact with patients and the importance of the patient-doctor relationship. Training in palliative and end-of-life care is mandatory, as the school believes that all future clinicians should have a basic understanding in this area.

At Yale, students may study for a certificate in global medicine alongside their programmes.

The medical school emphasises research among students and requires all students to submit dissertations based on original research. The school encourages many students to consider a fifth year of medical school, which would be devoted to research training.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University’s medical school comprises three institutions: Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care, and Stanford Children’s Health.

Undergraduates may also undertake biomedical research through the Undergraduate Research Programme.

The school offers MD, PA and PhD programmes to its students. The MD programme launched the Discovery Curriculum in 2016, adding new courses such as pathophysiology and a pharmacological treatment of disease series. This curriculum aims to combine organ-based learning and patient-centred clinical care. Students are also given the opportunity to individualise their course based on their interests.

The School of Medicine also offers a number of opportunities for undergraduate students. These include introductory seminars, an emergency medical technician programme, courses in community health and undergraduate courses in biology and human biology, among others.

1. Harvard University

Harvard University’s medical school is the third oldest in the United States – it was established in 1782.

The medical school offers a five-year MD programme; however, students can extend this by a year to obtain another degree, embark on a research project or take an additional year of formal coursework.

There is no undergraduate “pre-med” concentration at Harvard. Students are generally expected to take classes in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, maths, biochemistry and English before applying to medical school, but there is no set structure for what undergraduate students should study.

Harvard Medical School is responsible for several ground-breaking advances, such as in 1799 when one of its professors, Benjamin Waterhouse, introduced the smallpox vaccine to the United States. Harvard has partnerships with 15 of the world’s most prestigious hospitals, allowing students and staff to undertake exchanges across the world.

Top universities in the United States for medicine 2023

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US medicine rank 2023 WUR medicine rank 2023 University State
1 3 Harvard University Massachusetts
2 6 Stanford University California
3 9 Yale University Connecticut
4 11 Johns Hopkins University Maryland
5 12 Columbia University New York
6 15 University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
7 16 University of California, Los Angeles California
8 =17 University of Washington Washington
9 =19 University of California, Berkeley California
10 22 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Michigan
11 23 Duke University North Carolina
12 27 Washington University in St Louis Missouri
13 28 The University of Chicago Illinois
14 29 University of California, San Diego California
15 30 Northwestern University Illinois
16 =35 New York University New York
17 =38 Emory University Georgia
18 42 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill North Carolina
19 48 Boston University Massachusetts
20 =54 University of Southern California California
21 57 Vanderbilt University Tennessee
22 =60 Brown University Rhode Island
23 62 University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh campus Pennsylvania
24 81 Tufts University Massachusetts
25 85 University of Minnesota Minnesota
26 92 Case Western Reserve University Ohio
27 =94 Ohio State University (Main campus) Ohio
28 97 Dartmouth College New Hampshire
=29 101–125 University of Florida Florida
=29 101–125 Oregon Health and Science University Oregon
=31 126–150 University of California, Davis California
=31 126–150 University of Iowa Iowa
=31 126–150 Northeastern University Illinois
=31 126–150 University of Rochester New York
=35 151–175 University of Colorado Denver /Anschutz Medical Campus Colorado
=35 151–175 University of Illinois at Chicago Illinois
=35 151–175 University of Texas at Dallas Texas
=35 151–175 University of Virginia (Main campus) Virginia
=39 176–200 Georgetown University Washington DC
=39 176–200 University of Miami Florida
=39 176–200 University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin
=42 201–250 University of California, Irvine California
=42 201–250 George Mason University Virginia
=42 201–250 George Washington University Washington DC
=42 201–250 Howard University Washington DC
=42 201–250 Indiana University Indiana
=42 201–250 Michigan State University Michigan
=42 201–250 University of South Florida Florida
=42 201–250 University of Utah Utah
=50 251–300 University of Texas at Austin Texas
=50 251–300 Tulane University Louisiana
=50 251–300 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Virginia
=53 301–400 University of Arizona Arizona
=53 301–400 Boston College Massachusetts
=53 301–400 University at Buffalo New York
=53 301–400 University of Delaware Delaware
=53 301–400 Georgia State University Georgia
=53 301–400 University of Kansas Kansas
=53 301–400 University of Maryland, College Park Maryland
=53 301–400 University of Massachusetts Massachusetts
=53 301–400 University of Nebraska Medical Center Nebraska
=53 301–400 University of North Carolina at Charlotte North Carolina
=53 301–400 Nova Southeastern University Florida
=53 301–400 Penn State (Main campus) Pennsylvania
=53 301–400 Purdue University West Lafayette Indiana
=53 301–400 Rush University Illinois
=53 301–400 Rutgers University – New Brunswick New Jersey
=53 301–400 Saint Louis University Missouri
=53 301–400 SUNY University at Albany New York
=53 301–400 Texas A&M University Texas
=53 301–400 Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia
=72 401–500 Baylor University Texas
=72 401–500 University of California, Riverside California
=72 401–500 Colorado State University, Fort Collins Colorado
=72 401–500 University of Hawai’i at Mānoa Hawaii
=72 401–500 University of Kentucky Kentucky
=72 401–500 Ohio University (Main campus) Ohio
=72 401–500 Oklahoma State University Oklahoma
=72 401–500 San Diego State University California
=72 401–500 University of South Carolina-Columbia South Carolina
=72 401–500 Stony Brook University New York
=72 401–500 Wake Forest University North Carolina
=72 401–500 Washington State University Washington
=72 401–500 Wayne State University Michigan
=85 501–600 University of Arkansas Arkansas
=85 501–600 Chapman University California
=85 501–600 University of Connecticut Connecticut
=85 501–600 Drexel University Pennsylvania
=85 501–600 Florida International University Florida
=85 501–600 Florida State University Florida
=85 501–600 University of Georgia Georgia
=85 501–600 University of Houston Texas
=85 501–600 Iowa State University Iowa
=85 501–600 Kansas State University Kansas
=85 501–600 Montana State University Montana
=85 501–600 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nebraska
=85 501–600 Rowan University New Jersey
=85 501–600 Temple University Pennsylvania
=85 501–600 The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Tennessee
=100 601–800 The University of Alabama Alabama
=100 601–800 Auburn University Alabama
=100 601–800 University of Central Florida Florida
=100 601–800 Clemson University South Carolina
=100 601–800 Creighton University Nebraska
=100 601–800 Florida Atlantic University Florida
=100 601–800 Georgia Southern University Georgia
=100 601–800 Marquette University Wisconsin
=100 601–800 University of Memphis Tennessee
=100 601–800 University of Missouri-St Louis Missouri
=100 601–800 Mizzou - University of Missouri Missouri
=100 601–800 University of Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada
=100 601–800 University of North Carolina at Greensboro North Carolina
=100 601–800 Oakland University Michigan
=100 601–800 University of Rhode Island Rhode Island
=100 601–800 Southern Illinois University Carbondale Illinois
=100 601–800 SUNY Binghamton University New York
=100 601–800 University of Texas at Arlington Texas
=100 601–800 University of Texas at El Paso Texas
=100 601–800 University of Toledo Ohio
=100 601–800 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Wisconsin
=100 601–800 University of Wyoming Wyoming
=122 801+ Northern Illinois University Illinois
=122 801+ Old Dominion University Virginia
=122 801+ University of South Dakota South Dakota
=122 801+ University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Texas
=122 801+ Texas State University Texas
=122 801+ Western Michigan University Michigan

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