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A guide to online banks for international students

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Online, digital and app-based banks offer most of the services that traditional banks provide, but are entirely based online, meaning there are no in-person branches. Instead, you can apply to open an account online or via an app, and customer service and support is available over the internet or by phone.

A big advantage of online and app-based banks is that they offer many built-in budgeting features, including notifications on your spending, the ability to set savings goals and a personal budget, as well as easy money transfer and “split-the-bill” options.

Best universities for engineering degrees in the US 2022

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Through the US college system, undergraduate students can study a number of different subjects before deciding on a major.

For prospective engineering students, however, it’s worth having an idea of which field of engineering you’d like to specialise in for your major when you apply. This is because you’ll often need to have completed a specific set of foundational classes in mathematics, physics and materials science in order to pursue your chosen engineering specialism.

Best universities in the US for computer science degrees 2022

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Not only are the world’s biggest tech companies­ such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple headquartered in the US, it’s also home to some of the best universities in the world for computer science degrees.

Many computing courses in the US focus on developing the practical skills and real-world experience that students need to enter the technology industry.

There are 128 US universities in the THE Computer Science Rankings 2022. These are spread across the country from California to New York and include a number of specialist technology colleges.

International students would be more likely to choose a US university if it mandated vaccine passports

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Prospective international students considering studying in the US would be more likely to apply to a university if it mandated Covid-19 passports to attend, research by THE Student has found. 

In a survey of 440 prospective international students conducted by the THE consultancy team, 44 per cent of respondents stated that they would be much more likely to attend and 15 per cent said they would be somewhat more likely to attend a university if it mandated Covid-19 passports.

Best universities for life science degrees in the US 2022

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The life sciences include agriculture and forestry, biological sciences, veterinary science and sport science.

Degrees in these subjects can lead to a whole range of careers including a vet, sports scientist, researcher or conservation expert. 

However, the skills you’ll pick up through such courses, like problem-solving, data analysis and research, are equally transferable to jobs that don’t require a lab coat. Non-science career paths include consultancy, teaching, political policy and law.

Best universities in the US for physical science degrees 2022

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The physical sciences include mathematics, statistics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, environmental sciences and Earth and marine sciences. Courses in the physical sciences differ across universities and countries, but the core focus is on the understanding and application of mathematics in the natural world through practical and lab work.

Best universities in the United States for medicine degrees 2022

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Students who wish to study medicine in the US will have to take a slightly different approach than they would for other countries.

In most cases, medical degrees can be taken only at the postgraduate level, and this is usually a five-year course. At the undergraduate level, students can take health- and science-related courses, which are known as “pre-med”. Students will then go on to apply for medical school, known as “post-med” or MD (doctor of medicine).

A guide to student bank accounts in the US

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One of the biggest things that you will need to manage when you go to university in the US is your finances. Having a safe place to keep your money is one weight off your mind. There are many banks across the US, as well as different types of accounts. 

Whether you are an international or a domestic student in the US, it is worth checking out what bank accounts there are available for students. 

Best universities for psychology degrees in the US 2022

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The US higher education system offers flexible course options and most undergraduates can study a range of subjects before declaring their specialisation or major at the end of their second year.

Psychology is a popular major or minor choice for students in the US. Students can study a range of topics, including cognitive psychology, social behaviours and abnormal psychology. Students often get the chance to be involved in research projects with academics at their institutions.