Five things you need to know before applying to university as an international student

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Choosing a university and navigating the application process can be daunting for international students. But many people are willing to share their experiences and make the application process go more smoothly.

Five ways to guarantee your certified result on the Duolingo English Test

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Duolingo English Test (DET) certification is accepted by more than 4,000 institutions around the world for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. “Because it is a relatively inexpensive and very accessible test, it’s easy to take and get your results quickly,” says Ian Riggins, support operations manager at Duolingo. “Within 48 hours, you can have your English-language proficiency certified to use on applications.”

Mastering your speaking skills for the Duolingo English Test

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The reasons to take a Duolingo English Test (DET) go way beyond the requirement of a university or employer to meet a certain standard of written and spoken language. If someone is attending a course in an English-speaking country, they will need to speak the language to manage their lives outside lessons – from opening a bank account to arranging accommodation. 

How to take the Duolingo English Test from home

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If students and institutions are going to have confidence in a high-stakes test, they need to be happy that it’s secure and gives an accurate indication of the abilities of the candidate.

The Duolingo English Test (DET) costs less and takes less time than many other standardised tests, while still holding test-takers to high standards when providing certification.

What questions can students expect on the Duolingo English Test?

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In any language, it’s rare to speak in a conversation without listening to the other person, or to write a passage of text without reading it. While many standardised English language tests break down questions into reading, writing, listening and speaking, the Duolingo English Test (DET) is structured so that test takers can show how they use these skills in combination. 

What sets the Duolingo English Test apart from others?

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For years, universities have relied on a handful of long-standing tests to demonstrate students’ English language proficiency. While widely accepted, these tests can be expensive to sit and often require in-person attendance.

The Duolingo English Test (DET) – now accepted by more than 3,500 programmes globally – is disrupting the status quo by offering one of the world’s first high-stakes English proficiency tests online. 

Study tips to improve your English before studying abroad

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Since Covid-19 disrupted our lives in 2020, there has been a spike in people learning new languages. But as the world begins to adjust to a post-Covid future, many students are beginning to look at studying abroad in 2022.

If you are getting ready to head overseas, take the time to brush up on your skills before you go. Follow these four methods to improve your English, including study tips and online resources:

The two-hour English test for student visas and university applications makes study abroad simpler

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PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI tests now take just two hours to complete. It’s the same test, with less stress.

How has this changed the test?

You can rest assured that there are no changes to the overall format, question types or scoring scale. There are simply fewer questions, allowing you to prepare in the same way.

Discover an English-language test that will help you achieve your study abroad dreams

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When you research English-language tests for study abroad, you may believe that they all assess the same listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. So, what makes the Pearson Test of English Academic stand out and why do so many students choose it for a successful study abroad application?

Six tips for learning English online

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Learning English online is very different from studying in a physical classroom. There is not always a teacher looking over your shoulder, which means you need to motivate yourself. But the good news is it’s easy to work on your English from the comfort of your own home.

Read our tips to help you stay motivated, focus on learning and put your skills to good use.