The two-hour English test for student visas and university applications makes study abroad simpler

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PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI tests now take just two hours to complete. It’s the same test, with less stress.

How has this changed the test?

You can rest assured that there are no changes to the overall format, question types or scoring scale. There are simply fewer questions, allowing you to prepare in the same way.

Most importantly, the shorter PTE Academic test is still accepted by the same universities and professional bodies – including more than 3,000 academic institutions worldwide – and by the governments of Australia, the UK and New Zealand for visa and immigration purposes.

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Why did PTE change the test length?

PTE changed the test length to make PTE Academic the most convenient choice for test takers.

PTE Academic launched more than 10 years ago and is now one of the world’s leading tests of English language skills. PTE’s goal is to continue to be an innovator in English language testing by constantly reviewing and improving testing practices. 

Through extensive testing, the research teams found that reducing the number of questions could improve the efficiency of PTE Academic with no impact on test scores or quality. This means PTE Academic will continue to provide a highly accurate and reliable indication of your English ability.

What do test takers have to say about the shorter test?

Students who have taken the shorter PTE Academic test say the new format meets their needs more effectively than the previous version.

One student, Arava Ushakiran, says: “I’m going to use my PTE Academic results to apply for my permanent residency visa in Australia. The two-hour test is simple, better and time-saving. Unnecessary parts were taken out and only important parts stay, which is good. I’m going shopping using the extra hour saved.”

Nursing student Hardeet says: “I took the PTE Academic test to complete my nursing registration in Australia. I found out about the test changes from friends, and the scored practice test is two hours. Two hours is just enough time, and it’s right, because some of the test questions are repetitive. I can just focus on the two-hour, and I feel more mentally free at the end of the test.”

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The PTE Academic test is now just two hours long, allowing students to test their English language skills efficiently and effectively

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