Study tips to improve your English before studying abroad

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Since Covid-19 disrupted our lives in 2020, there has been a spike in people learning new languages. But as the world begins to adjust to a post-Covid future, many students are beginning to look at studying abroad in 2022.

If you are getting ready to head overseas, take the time to brush up on your skills before you go. Follow these four methods to improve your English, including study tips and online resources:

Studying for a PhD with ADHD – tips and advice from one student

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For as long as I’ve known about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), I’ve suspected I have it. I would make jokes about it and downplay how much it really affected me.

Previous patterns and past life experiences, both personally and academically, have always led me to wonder about how and why I work the way I do. I’ve found myself unable to focus when multiple tasks are at hand, assignments taking longer than expected, and with a feeling of being misunderstood.

THE Student 2021: the articles you’ve been reading the most

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It’s been another turbulent year for international students, as the world continued to grapple with  coronavirus. While we’ve become used to sudden changes in travel rules and vaccination requirements, students are still looking for information that will help their study abroad journey run more smoothly. 

Covering changes to visa applications to student blogs, scholarship guides and university rankings, we’ve published a range of articles this year that can be read no matter where you are in your academic journey. 

The most festive university campuses 2021

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Although the days are short and the nights are long, the sight of Christmas lights twinkling in the darkness creates a certain kind of magic at this time of year.

University campuses tend to understand this assignment and go all out with huge Christmas trees and decorations across campus. These are some of the most festive university campuses, and do tag us on Instagram with @timeshigheredstudent with all your festive campus pictures!

How McGill University’s students are leading the way to a more sustainable future

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Improving the sustainability of our planet is a pressing topic, and students and researchers are at the forefront of much of the effort surrounding it.

Christmas traditions from around the world explained

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Moving abroad means that you often have to navigate new traditions and cultural events, some of which may occur during Christmastime. For many international students moving abroad to university, this may be the first time you encounter some of these, so we’ve put together a little explainer to some common festive traditions and where they come from.

Christmas activities for international students in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia

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Across the world, Christmas is acknowledged and celebrated in many different ways. Moving abroad as an international student is the perfect way to immerse yourself in another country’s Christmas traditions and celebrations, and for many this may be the first time you experience some of these things.

If you are staying at your university over Christmas and are wondering how you might fill your time, perhaps some of these festive activities might pique your interest.

The two-hour English test for student visas and university applications makes study abroad simpler

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PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI tests now take just two hours to complete. It’s the same test, with less stress.

How has this changed the test?

You can rest assured that there are no changes to the overall format, question types or scoring scale. There are simply fewer questions, allowing you to prepare in the same way.