A guide to student bank accounts in Canada

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If you’re heading to university in Canada, one of the most important things you’ll need to sort out before you arrive is a bank account. Many Canadian banks offer great deals for students and can also provide advice on money management and budgeting. 

Whether you are an international or domestic student in Canada, check out our table below to help you find the best bank account for you. 

Finding your university: US versus Canada

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With some of the top universities in the world, Canada and the US are two of the top destinations for international students. Although they share a border, there are some differences in how university life takes place in each country. Canada has a simpler application process, but the US has more universities to choose from.

We have compiled all the information together to explain the application process, the education system, grading, accommodation, tuition fees and student life in each country.

How to find legitimate accommodation at university

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Finding accommodation that is safe, close to campus and affordable is a concern for all students. For international students, an added difficulty is that they often cannot see the accommodation in advance. And, unfortunately, there are those who try to take advantage of this and create accommodation scams. 

Eight things you should know as an international student in Toronto

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The bustling multicultural city of Toronto is a popular choice among international students.

Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto offers an attractive blend of campus learning and city life.

Canada can also provide cheaper study options than most anglophone countries, as well as simpler application processes and more opportunities for permanent residency after graduating.

If you’re planning to move to Toronto for your studies, you’ll know that lots of exciting times lie ahead.

What’s it like going to an all-female university as an international student?

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Historically speaking, women’s colleges have been places of mentorship, leadership and sisterhood for talented women who were previously denied educational opportunities because of their gender.

Although many female colleges have now merged, closed or become co-ed, a number of women-only institutions remain, offering a unique educational experience you may not have considered before.

But what’s it like being an international student at an all-women’s university?

What I gained from getting involved with leadership opportunities at university

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Most universities will spoil you with choice when it comes to leadership opportunities. Whether you join an academic society, get involved with student politics or lead a sports team, there is a lot of invaluable experience to be gained outside the classroom.

Learning to work within a team, achieving a common goal, and exploring and discovering new interests will not only help your personal growth and confidence at university, but it will also help you stand out to employers when you graduate.

Graduate employability: top universities in Canada ranked by employers 2021

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Nine Canadian universities appear in the Global University Employability Ranking 2021, designed by the HR consultancy Emerging and published exclusively by Times Higher Education. The ranking reveals which universities recruiters at top companies think are best at preparing students for the workplace.

Best universities in Canada for arts and humanities degrees 2022

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Arts and humanities subjects include history, English literature, philosophy, languages and architecture (scroll down for a full list of subjects and what you can do with them). Students who study the arts and humanities develop analytical and communication skills that can help them progress in a range of careers. 

Best universities in British Columbia 2022

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British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province, is known for its high-ranking universities, beautiful terrain, adventurous activities and vibrant multicultural atmosphere.

It is one of the only provinces in Canada where the province assesses and standardises post-secondary education, with the Education Quality Assurance. This ensures quality and “allows post-secondary institutions to compete at an international level”.