Best universities for law degrees in Canada 2022

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Canada is both a French- and English-speaking country, which makes it an ideal place for students wishing to study law in a diverse, global environment.

Like in the US, students who study at a Canadian law school will graduate with a juris doctor (JD) degree, which takes three years to complete. Before applying for law school in Canada, students are required to sit the LSAT test to ensure they have enough prior knowledge of Canadian law.

A guide to online banks for international students

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Online, digital and app-based banks offer most of the services that traditional banks provide, but are entirely based online, meaning there are no in-person branches. Instead, you can apply to open an account online or via an app, and customer service and support is available over the internet or by phone.

A big advantage of online and app-based banks is that they offer many built-in budgeting features, including notifications on your spending, the ability to set savings goals and a personal budget, as well as easy money transfer and “split-the-bill” options.

Best universities in Canada for engineering degrees 2022

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Canada provides cheaper study options for international students than most anglophone countries, as well as simpler application processes and more opportunities for permanent residency after graduating.

In Canada, it is common for undergraduate engineering students to do a foundational first year, where they learn fundamental engineering principles before specialising in a particular field, such as civil, mechanical or chemical engineering in their second year.

Best universities in Canada for computer science degrees 2022

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The demand for skilled computer scientists is only expected to rise across the globe as the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, cloud computing and analytics continue to develop.

Cities in Canada such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Waterloo are all now emerging as major tech hubs.

Canada is a popular study abroad choice, often with cheaper study options for international students compared with most anglophone countries. The country also has a reasonably simple application process and opportunities for permanent residency after graduating.

Best universities for life sciences degrees in Canada 2022

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The life sciences include agriculture and forestry, biological sciences, veterinary medicine and sport science.

For students considering careers as a vet, a biotechnology researcher or a conservation expert undertaking a degree in the life sciences is a solid first step into any of these careers. 

However, the skills you’ll pick up through such courses, such as problem-solving, data analysis and research are equally transferable to jobs that don’t require a lab coat. Non-science career paths include consultancy, teaching, political policy and law.

Best universities for medicine degrees in Canada 2022

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When it comes to studying medicine in Canada, most students begin their studies after completing a bachelor’s degree in another field, often one of the biological sciences. Most degrees are four years, but a couple of accelerated options are available for those who want to start working sooner. 

The master in medicine (MD), which is offered at most Canadian universities, combines classroom teaching with clinical placements. 

Some medical courses are taught in both English and French and many require an English language test as part of their application process.  

Best universities for psychology degrees in Canada 2022

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Canada is a popular study destination for international students because of the number of high-quality universities and lower tuition fees compared with other anglophone countries.

The benefits of studying psychology in Canada include access to some of the world’s best research institutions, reasonable living costs and the opportunity to experience life in a multicultural society.

Best universities in Canada 2022

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Canada is home to some of the world’s top universities. In fact, 32 Canadian institutions are counted among the best in the world, according to Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2022.

With seven universities in the top 200, Canada offers plenty of opportunities for a world-class education.

Bringing family with you on a Canadian student visa

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There are many moving parts to consider when it comes to applying to have your family join you as an international student in Canada, but it is possible with careful planning.

You can choose to apply to have your family join you for either a short visit or to stay for the entire length of your studies. If approved, your family can either come to Canada at the same time as you or after you arrive.

Before applying to bring your family with you to Canada as an international student, there are three main things to consider.