Student life

What happens after you submit your Ucas application?

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You’ve just submitted your Ucas application form and breathed a sigh of relief that you’re one step closer to embarking on a life of seminars, lectures and independence in September. But what do the next eight months have in store?

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the next stages in the life cycle of a prospective student, from awaiting university offers to collecting exam results and exploring Clearing and Ucas Extra. 

How to balance relaxation and revision this festive season

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The festive holidays are a time of celebration ­– good food, lots of parties and time spent with family and friends. Unfortunately, for those sitting exams in the new year, that also means revision.

Studying might not seem like a recipe for festive fun, but fear not. If you’re organised and get started early, you can still have a great holiday and be prepared for your exams. Stick to these relaxation and revision tips and you’ll go back in the new year feeling relaxed, revitalised and well prepared.

The cost of studying at a university in the UK as an international student

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How much does it cost to study in the UK? If you are interested in studying in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, then one of the most important things to consider is how much university is going to cost. This essential guide breaks down how expensive university is in the UK for international students. 

Note that prices are correct at the time of publication and may vary from those shown here. 

The 10 most beautiful universities in Australia

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Australia is one of the most popular destinations for higher education. Many of Australia’s universities rank highly in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings , performing well in teaching and learning, research output and international outlook. 

Guide to international student bank accounts in the UK

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Studying in the UK is expensive for both domestic and international students, so it is important that you choose a good student bank account that can help you to maximise your money. 

Most major banks (and some online banks) will offer a specific student bank account that will come with perks that will help you to budget and manage your money. 

1. Choose a bank

There are many banks in the UK, so the best way to narrow it down is to look at what the different banks are offering students (see our handy table below).

The world’s best small universities 2023

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While many prospective students will crave large campuses and the anonymity of a bustling student body, others will be attracted to the experience that a smaller institution can offer.

Times Higher Education has once again revealed the best small universities across the globe – from the US, China and South Korea to India, Japan and France.