Everything you need to know about studying in Canada

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Canada is a popular study destination for many international students, and with good reason.

With 10 provinces and three territories spanning majority French-speaking Quebec on the Atlantic east coast to British Columbia bordering the Pacific Ocean, Canada is known as a multicultural country with a diverse heritage. As well as regularly being ranked among the best nations in the world for quality of life, Canada also has a global reputation for academic excellence.

Everything you need to know about studying in the UK

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Key points for studying in the UK

  • How many universities are there in the UK?
  • How does the British university system work?
  • How do you apply to study in the UK?
  • What kinds of universities are there in the UK?
  • How is Oxbridge different to other universities?
  • Do I need an English language test to study in the UK?
  • How much does it cost to study in the UK?
  • What scholarships are available for international students in the UK?
  • How do I apply for a student visa in the UK?
  • What can I do after I gr

Which questions should students ask at a university fair?

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University fairs are exciting and busy. The best way to get the most out of your time at one is to prepare in advance. You might find that you have a limited amount of time with each university or college representative, so there are some questions that it would be useful for you to prepare first. 

- What subject(s) do you want to study? 
- When do you want to start your course?
- Do you have any thoughts on the career you might want to pursue?