Best universities for social sciences degrees in Australia 2022

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The social sciences include a range of subjects such as geography, politics and sociology.

Social science is one of the largest fields of study in Australia, second only to business and management. Most Australian universities offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses across a range of social science subject areas.

Best universities in Sydney 2022

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As one of the biggest student cities in Australia, and home to the five largest universities in the world, Sydney is a vibrant, engaging city to study in and enjoy. 

Renowned for its laid-back and relaxed culture, Sydney is home to people from a huge range of backgrounds, with its some 35,000 international students hailing from India, China, Thailand, Brazil, Vietnam, Malaysia and many more. 

A guide to student bank accounts in Australia

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You’ll need to organise many things before you study abroad, and a bank account is one that can be easily overlooked. 

If you’re heading to study at a university in Australia then this guide can help you select a student bank account that works for you. 

1. Choose a bank

There are four major banks in Australia (ANZ, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac Banking corporation) as well as a number of regional banks. There is plenty of choice for students, so do some research into what each bank offers and which works best for you. 

Best universities in Australia for education degrees 2022

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Becoming an educator of the next generation is a rewarding and secure career path to take. There are several different pathways to becoming a qualified teacher, varying significantly between country.

In Australia, universities offer a postgraduate teacher training programme known as the graduate diploma of education or the master of teaching.

A guide to online banks for international students

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Online, digital and app-based banks offer most of the services that traditional banks provide, but are entirely based online, meaning there are no in-person branches. Instead, you can apply to open an account online or via an app, and customer service and support is available over the internet or by phone.

A big advantage of online and app-based banks is that they offer many built-in budgeting features, including notifications on your spending, the ability to set savings goals and a personal budget, as well as easy money transfer and “split-the-bill” options.

Best universities in Australia for computer science degrees 2022

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Computer science is one of the fastest growing industries, with new jobs and specialties cropping up all the time. 

The tech sector in Australia is bolstered by investments across major infrastructure including the National Broadband Network (NBN).

A popular student destination, Australia is well known for its high-quality education as well as its broad career opportunities. 

Just over a sixth of the universities in the Times Higher Education computer science ranking are based in Australia and six Australian universities are featured in the top 100.