What can you do with a law degree?

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What is law?

Law is the rule book by which states govern and people must live their lives.

The law has often been found to be restrictive or even immoral, but when applied correctly and ethically it is nothing less than the moral fabric that holds society together.

It is the responsibility of the state to see that criminal justice be served and that people pay the penalty for the offences they have committed.


What can you do with a mechanical engineering degree?

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What is mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering which covers how to maintain, analyse, design and manufacture machinery in all of its forms.

This can span from the delicate design of tiny parts of electrical machines, to large-scale industrial machinery, robotics and even biotechnology.

As one of the broadest fields of engineering, mechanical engineering will often overlap with other engineering disciplines such as civil engineering, electrical engineering and aerospace engineering.


What can you do with a geography degree?

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What is geography?

Geography is the study of the world we live in, its environments, landscapes and natural disasters, and the relationship between people and environments.

One of the most wide-ranging degree subjects, geography is a mix of social and physical sciences, combining study of the planet’s physical properties with a focus on societies and how they interact.


What can you do with a media and communications degree?

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What is media and communications?

Media and communications degrees cover the history and effects on society of various forms of media as well as the way that they can be used to communicate different messages.

Such courses may draw on elements from the social sciences and the humanities but the core focus remains mass communication and communication studies.

What do you learn on a media and communications degree?

This type of degree will cover a range of topics depending on which university you decide to attend.

Best universities in Pakistan 2022

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Pakistan is a fascinating country with beautiful scenery, a rich culture and a complex history.

The country stretches from the Arabian Sea in the south to the towering Himalayas in the north, and encompasses the Indus River valley, a cradle of human civilisation and home to some of the world’s most ancient cultures. 

The country today is an ethnic and linguistic patchwork (more than 70 languages are spoken in Pakistan), and the people mirror the diversity of the geography.

Guide to student bank accounts in the UK

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Studying in the UK is expensive for both domestic and international students, so it is important that you choose a good student bank account that can help you to maximise your money. 

Most major banks (and some online banks) will offer a specific student bank account that will come with perks that will help you to budget and manage your money. 

1. Choose a bank

There are many banks in the UK, so the best way to narrow it down is to look at what the different banks are offering students (see our handy table below).

How to survive A-level results day

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In a few weeks, thousands of students will receive their A-level results. If you’re one of them, you’re probably going to be feeling a bit nervous right now. You may be feeling confident about your results, which is great, but you can take away some of the stress by researching all your options. If you’re prepared, you can make sure that you make the best decisions, no matter what happens on the day.

A-level results day: what to do when you receive your A-level results

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A-level results day is perhaps one of the most important moments in a student’s life but it can be difficult to know exactly what to do when you’ve received your exam results, especially if they didn’t pan out the way you expected.

Here’s a helpful guide to help you decide your plan of action in any results day scenario.