Executive Master’s in Business Administration – Health Care Management

The health care sector is one of the world’s largest employers and there is a rising demand for expert and innovative managers to lead health care organisations worldwide, in both the private and public sectors. The health care management field offers exciting new opportunities and challenges. 

The Executive Master’s in Business Administration – Health Care Management (EMBA-HCM) programme is designed to develop the learner’s ability to explore the ancillary services of health care, to provide cost effective, good quality services to meet the increasing demand for healthcare services, and effective and efficient management of healthcare resources. Health care professionals have responsibilities to their patients, employers and those who contract their services and must aim to achieve optimal healthcare outcomes and experiences. Thus, the EMBA-HCM programme is a leadership focused degree in health care management, grounded in academic rigour and providing health care managers with appropriate training in health care management and leadership. 

The EMBA-HCM programme explores contemporary organisation management, examining workplace diversity, communication methods and patterns commensurate with the technological era. This programme will contribute to the development of graduates who are conversant with the academic requirements of a postgraduate programme, and simultaneously be aware of how to effectively apply management theories to the business aspects of the health care management and work environment. 

Paid course type

The Executive Masters of Business Administration - Health Care Management equips graduates with an expert grasp of the dynamics of the health care system while delivering the business acumen to successfully manage financial, human and project resources within the health care and other related contexts. 

Course details

Geo-politics and Strategic Innovations (Workshop) 
•Business Research (Workshop) 
•Leadership in Contemporary Organisations 
•Accounting for Decision Making 
•Marketing Management 
•Computing for Health Enterprise Management 
•Primary Health Care 
•Health Economics 
•Health Care Systems 
•Health Promotion 
•Managing Clinical Professionals in Healthcare 
•Health Care Quality and Performance Management 
•Effective Strategy Execution 
•Project Management 
•Comprehensive Final Project

Entry requirements

In addition to a minimum of five (5) years of management experience, candidates must have AT LEAST: 
1. A Bachelor of Science degree in Management or a related field with a minimum of Lower Second-Class Honours. 

2. A Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) OR Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

Career outcomes
  • Chief Executive Officer 

  • Consultant 

  • Public Health Manager 

  • Chief Medical Officer 

  • Chief Public Health Officer 

  • Health Economist 

  • Hospital Administrator 

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