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Master in Public Health (MPH)

An interdisciplinary Master’s programme in Public Health (MPH), designed for anyone who wants to make a difference in the field and develop practical skills for their future. Its primary aim is to train health professionals and new graduates of a wide range of relevant disciplines (e.g. biology, mathematics, medicine, nursing, psychology) in acquiring the technical and soft skills demanded by the public health sector in the 21st century.

Master of Occupational Health and Safety

The Master Program in the Occupational Health and Safety was opened as an effort to improve the welfare of the community, especially the workforce by meeting the need for knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety. It is built based on a decree. Director -General of Higher Education No:853/D/T/2008 and based on BAN -PT Decree No. 0599/LAM - PTKES/AKR/MAG/IX/2017 has been accredited with an A rating 29th of September 2022.

Master of Nursing

The curriculum of the nursing master program is determined based on the review by the manager of the nursing master program throughout Indonesia. Annually, an evaluation of the implementation of the master curriculum is held. The latest curriculum changes were carried out in 2021.

Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The master study program of pharmaceutical sciences focuses on developing pharmaceutical sciences to meet the needs of the community in response to challenges and opportunities at the global market, considering the trend in the field of Pharmacy covering various aspects ranging from development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and natural products, pharmaceutical technology, analysis, and industrial pharmacy, cosmetics, biotechnology and biomedical products to pharmaceutical services, policy and management in pharmacies, hospitals, and other health centers.