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The Ph.D. Program in School of Pharmacy is a top destination for analytical brains willing to uncover new knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Students can select their specialization from a range of streams such as Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology. In particular, students learn to employ a rational structure-based approach for the design and synthesis of small molecule cancer therapeutics.

School of Nursing offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) to prepare professional nurses with advanced knowledge to meet the health needs of people globally. With a strong mission to engage in interdisciplinary and industrial/academic collaboration in areas encompassing culture, society, and ecology, we develop an innovative, comprehensive, and extensive curriculum.

Ph.D. students enrolling to the Global Health and Health Security program (GHHS) can choose their research advisors across the TMU campus with expertise ranging from medicine, public health, health management, law, environmental health, data science, big data, and international health security. Research priorities of the program are twofold: infectious disease control and impact of global policy on chronic disease. 

The Master’s program in School of Nutrition and Health Sciences was established in 1995. Our mission is to train our students to integrate theoretical and practical skills and knowledge into new exploration in the modern era of nutrition from bench to bed and from data to policy and beyond. We have aggressively expanded international collaboration in teaching and research with the world’s top universities, to provide better learning environment and opportunity for our students toward globalization.

Equip yourself with knowledge, expertise and strategic insight with this fully online and part-time Master of Public Health (MPH). 

Throughout the programme you will explore, in small groups and individually, topics such as principles and practices within a global context, as well as methodologies and approaches from an ethical, social and economic standpoint. 

Designed for healthcare professionals working in a managerial capacity, this online and part-time Healthcare Leadership MSc will develop your understanding of robust and effective management principles and give you the confidence to put them into practice. 

An interdisciplinary Master’s programme in Public Health (MPH), designed for anyone who wants to make a difference in the field and develop practical skills for their future. Its primary aim is to train health professionals and new graduates of a wide range of relevant disciplines (e.g. biology, mathematics, medicine, nursing, psychology) in acquiring the technical and soft skills demanded by the public health sector in the 21st century.

Designed with the working health practitioner in mind, the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research and Epidemiology (HREP), an online/blended programme, offers the learning flexibility and convenience that many health professionals need but which is often not offered by other graduate programmes. Upon completion, graduates will be awarded a fully accredited diploma.

The Master Program in the Occupational Health and Safety was opened as an effort to improve the welfare of the community, especially the workforce by meeting the need for knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety. It is built based on a decree. Director -General of Higher Education No:853/D/T/2008 and based on BAN -PT Decree No. 0599/LAM - PTKES/AKR/MAG/IX/2017 has been accredited with an A rating 29th of September 2022.