Marketing (Cross-Border E-Commerce)

Adhere to the talent training concept of "thick foundation, wide caliber, emphasis on practice and innovation", pay attention to the training of high-level research talents and top-notch innovative talents, and pay equal attention to general education and professional training. General education focuses on a broad knowledge base of management and economics. Professional training enables students to master the basic theories and methods of marketing and professional skills of marketing, and have the ability to comprehensively use relevant knowledge to discover, analyze and solve practical marketing problems, Especially in the Internet environment, have solid professional knowledge and management practice ability of cross-border e-commerce operation and management.  

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Marketing is a process of transferring goods or services from producers to consumers. It is a series of activities carried out by enterprises or other organizations to meet the needs of consumers. Marketing is a science that systematically studies the regularity of marketing activities. 

Marketing is not only a function, but also an activity, process and system that an organization creates, communicates, disseminates and transmits customer value for the interests of itself and stakeholders, and brings economic value to customers, customers, partners and the whole society. It mainly refers to the process in which marketing personnel carry out business activities and sales behaviors in view of the market. 

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This major aims to train students to systematically master the professional knowledge and skills of marketing, and have the management ability to engage in business data analysis, market management, marketing planning, new media marketing, sales management and other marketing businesses, especially the basic theories, methods and skills of cross-border e-commerce. Through participating in the whole process practice of e-commerce marketing operation, students are familiar with the market operation process and management tools of e-commerce enterprises in the digital business era, so that students' knowledge, ability and quality can be developed in an all-round way, and become senior management talents with noble character, broad knowledge, pursuit of excellence, global vision and lasting competitiveness.  

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Average score of high school level: 78 and above 


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Students are expected to be engaged in strategic planning, human resources, administrative affairs and other organizational management or independent entrepreneurship in large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, governments and consulting institutions.  

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