Software Engineering

The experts and professors in the School of Software Engineering are from famous enterprises and universities over the world. The curriculum is in line with international standards, and the curriculum content is oriented to the software market and enterprises to strengthen practical teaching. 

Computer Technology

This master's program is designed to teach students both the basic and key areas of computer science while becoming senior programmers, system designers, or researchers in specific fields within computer science. Also, the program will provide counseling programs and financial assistance to help graduates with potential and interest to start a business and encourage outstanding graduates to pursue doctoral degrees.

Nuclear Science and Technology

In 1958, the Department of Nuclear Science and Technology, formerly known as the Department of Nuclear Physics and Engineering, was established to cultivate talents for ""Two Bombs and One Star"". In 1970, USTC moved south to Hefei. Adhering to the spirit of ""Two Bombs, One Star"", in 1991, USTC established China's first national laboratory, the National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, which was awarded the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress. In 2007, it was rated as a national key discipline.


The chemistry discipline of USTC was established in 1958 by a group of prestigious Chinese scientists such as Guo Yonghuai, Yang Chengzong and Wang Baoren. Since then, the discipline has continuously served the nation for high-quality education by nurturing young talents with global perspectives and for cutting-edge research by focusing on exploring new frontiers in science. 

Master of Business Administration

USTC MBA Program in Suzhou, a two-year professional degree program, is taught in English with students coming from diverse backgrounds. It provides a platform where the western knowledge mixes with the Chinese reality. The MBA program gives deeper understanding about the international globalization and an opportunity to see China from a different perspective. 


In 1958, the discipline of Biophysics was established in USTC to train cutting-edge talents for the two bombs and one satellite. It was approved of as a national First-level key discipline of biology in 2007, and was selected as a national ""Double First-class"" Initiative in 2017. The school now has 164 full-time teachers, of whom 80% are national high-level talents.