BA in Sports Management

You will acquire specific skills to meet the challenges of this competitive atmosphere through courses in negotiation, sponsorship and broadcasting, among others. Students completing this specialization pursue careers in:

  • Team and club management
  • Merchandising
  • Sports event management
  • Corporate sponsorship 

Materials Science and Engineering

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (SME), one of the most powerful school in NPU, cultivates and educates the talents to be with strong natural science foundation, professional knowledge, international overview, and innovation spirit with the characteristics of advanced materials and preparation technology. After graduation, students will be competitive in scientific research and other work in the fields related to materials and chemical industry, design and development, manufacturing, engineering management and research, etc.  

Civil Engineering

The discipline of civil engineering was established in 1985. It is one of the key disciplines at NPU. The program of civil engineering is listed as the characteristic specialty in Shaanxi Province, China. The discipline is staffed by a faculty of academics with high qualifications and diverse academic background. In recent years, more and more young Ph.D. holders from famous overseas universities join us.Regarding further study,  20 supervisors are available for Master degree in the Department .Among the teaching staff, over 50% are young teachers under the age of 40. 

Business Administration

Business administration is a first-class discipline with strong practicality and the widest coverage in management. The not only pays attention to the study of basic theories and professional knowledge of management and economics, but also pays attention to the training of management methods and skills, but also pays attention to the cultivation of students' ability and quality to analyze and solve practical problems of enterprise management, as well as the mastery of enterprise management links 


This program mainly aims at the program needs in the field of national economy and national defense, cultivates and grasps solid basic knowledge of basic theory and professional practical skills of life science, and is familiar with the development status of bioscience and technology, future development trend and its application in production practice, leading talents who understand the cross application of bioscience and technology in the field of aerospace and navigation.  

Electrical Engineering and Automation

The specialty of Electrical Engineering and Automation was founded in Harbin Institute of Military Engineering in 1953, and the entire establishment merged with NPU in 1970. In 2003, the Department of Electrical Engineering was established based on this specialty, which was the first level discipline authorized to grant doctorate degree. Currently, the department subordinates three second-class disciplines, including Power Electronics and Power Drives, Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus and Power System and Its Automation.