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Investment Management

The programme combines investment theory, professional knowledge and skills, enabling students to analyze practical investment problems, solve portfolio management issues in practice, and help students become familiar with and use the data, tools and platforms commonly used in the investment industry. MSc Investment Management is officially accredited by the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute's College Accreditation Program and covers the main content of CFA levels 1-3.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

The programme and IBSS maintain a close partnership with the Yangtze River Delta Supply Chain Research Center and the international business community, and MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management is one of the few All-English graduate training programmes in this category in China. As a Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management (QTEM) member school, IBSS is also able to provide students with additional communication and learning opportunities at 25 top schools around the world.

Business Analytics

The MSc Business Analytics serves as IBSS’s flagship programme within this network. Graduates of this major go on to hold positions in data or information analysis, technical consultancy, IT project management, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) analysis. As with all IBSS programmes, the MSc Business Analytics also features a strong international component, preparing its students for global careers.

Materials Science and Engineering

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (SME), one of the most powerful school in NPU, cultivates and educates the talents to be with strong natural science foundation, professional knowledge, international overview, and innovation spirit with the characteristics of advanced materials and preparation technology. After graduation, students will be competitive in scientific research and other work in the fields related to materials and chemical industry, design and development, manufacturing, engineering management and research, etc.