Universities in the US that accept the gao kao

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China’s National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), or gao kao, is the admission test that all final-year school students in the country must take if they wish to win a place in a Chinese university.

Many international universities now accept the gao kao as part of a student’s application form. If you have taken the gao kao and are considering studying abroad, then here is a list of all the universities in the US accepting the gao kao.

It is important to check all the entry requirements with your university, as most of the universities will also require additional tests such as English language tests and other high school certificates.

US universities that accept gao kao/NCEE results

University of Delaware

The University of Delaware is accepting gao kao English during the Covid-19 pandemic as a way of showing English proficiency. 

University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco offers a special accelerated admissions procedure for Chinese students who have achieved excellent gao kao scores. Students are also required to submit their school record and have an interview. 

Temple University

Temple University accepts the gao kao as a way of showing English proficiency. Accepted scores will depend on the conditional admission level. 

Drew University

Drew University accepts the English gao kao with a subscore minimum of 120/150 or 96/120 (Jiangsu). 


For Chinese students planning to study in the US, it can be helpful to know which universities accept the gao kao