Universities in the UK that accept the gaokao

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China’s National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), or gaokao, is the admission test that all final-year school students in the country must take if they wish to win a place in a Chinese university.

Many international universities now accept the gaokao as part of a student’s application form. If you have taken the gao kao and are considering studying abroad, then here is a list of all the universities in the UK that accept the gao kao.

It is important to check all the entry requirements with your university, as most of the universities will also require additional tests such as English language tests and other high school certificates.

UK universities accepting gaokao/NCEE results

University of Cambridge (Preparation courses)

Acceptance rates of the gaokao will vary year on year, but generally successful candidates to the University of Cambridge will have scores in the top 0.1 per cent in their province.

University of Exeter

Students with the gaokao will be accepted directly on to undergraduate programmes excluding BMBS medicine, BSc medical imaging and MSci nursing. Applicants will have to have achieved a minimum 75 per cent overall average.

University of Birmingham

Students will have to have completed the gaokao with minimum 80 per cent overall average. There may be some variation in scores across the different provinces.

University of Glasgow

The university will consider students who have gained good scores in the gaokao for direct entry into first year.

Royal Holloway, University of London

Applicants will need to have achieved a grade of 75 per cent overall, with 70 per cent in any A-level subject required by the course.

University of Southampton

Entry requirements for the University of Southampton vary based on the course you are applying to.

University of Aberdeen

Requirements will vary based on courses, but generally a grade of 80 per cent or higher is required for the majority of courses.

University of Newcastle

Students who have achieved 75 per cent in the gao kao will be considered for entry to undergraduate programmes.

What is the gaokao and how can you prepare for it?

University of Swansea

Candidates who are expected to complete the gaokao with a minimum 75 per cent overall average will be considered for most courses. Candidates for applied medical sciences require a minimum 78 per cent overall average, and candidates for computer science require 75 per cent overall, with 75 per cent in maths and two other science subjects.

Herriot-Watt University

Entry requirements vary across courses, but a minimum of 60 per cent is generally required.

University of Cardiff

Students must achieve a minimum 80 per cent overall average – including 80 per cent in mathematics if required as an A-level subject.

Queen’s University Belfast

Students with a minimum score of 75 per cent overall average in the gao kao and 75 per cent in all subjects will be considered. There are further subject-specific requirements, too.

University of Essex

Most undergraduate bachelor’s degree courses will consider 75 per cent overall average from the gaokao.

University of Leicester

Students who have achieved 75 per cent in the gaokao may be given an offer to study on a bachelor’s degree programme.

University of Stirling

Accepted scores for the gaokao will vary based on the province the student took the test in.

Queen Mary London

Gaokao scores of 80 per cent will be accepted on a selection of courses at Queen Mary London, including physics, maths and engineering.

University of Coventry

Students should achieve an overall score of 75 per cent.

University of West London

Gaokao pass with an overall average 65 per cent or higher is needed.

University of Staffordshire

Applicants with a Grade 12 Senior High School Certificate with an average of 75 per cent or above plus a gao kao score of 110/150 in maths can be considered for some bachelor’s degrees in engineering and science.

University of Kent

An average score of 60 per cent will be considered for bachelor’s degree courses.

Oxford Brookes University

Acceptance rates vary, but a minimum of 70 per cent is required for some courses, while others may demand a result of at least 75 per cent overall.

Bangor University

No pass rate is given, but students must successfully pass the gaokao in order to be admitted to a bachelor’s degree programme.

University of Plymouth

Gaokao percentage rates will depend on the equivalent A-level or Ucas point requirements for each course. For example, if the entry requirements are AAA, the corresponding gao kao percentage will be 90 per cent to 100 per cent.

University of Hull

A minimum grade of 67 per cent is required for undergraduate courses.

University of Derby

Students with high scores in the gaokao will be considered for undergraduate degrees on a case-by-case basis, dependent on course-specific grades.

Anglia Ruskin University

A pass of 70 per cent overall is required for bachelor’s degree study.

University of Brighton

A minimum score of 75 per cent overall and 75 per cent in any required subjects is needed for undergraduate courses. Some courses with higher entry requirements may demand a minimum score of 80 per cent overall.

University of Strathclyde

An 80 per cent overall pass rate is required, and at least 80 per cent in the required subjects.

Aberystwyth University

Students will need to achieve 75 per cent to 80 per cent overall depending on the subject they are applying for.


If you are a Chinese student planning to study in the UK, it can be helpful to know which universities accept the gao kao

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