Universities in Australia that accept the gaokao

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China’s National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), or gaokao, is the admission test that all final-year school students in the country must take if they wish to win a place in a Chinese university.

Many international universities now accept the gaokao as part of a student’s application form. If you have taken the gaokao and are considering studying abroad, then here is a list of all the universities in Australia accepting the gaokao.

It is important to check all the entry requirements with your university, as most of the universities will also require additional tests such as English language tests and other high school certificates.

Australian universities that accept gaokao/NCEE results

Australian National University

Requirements will vary depending on the course applied for, but results for the gaokao will be considered as part of the application to Australian National University.

University of Sydney

Requirements will vary depending on the course applied for, but results for the gaokao will be considered as part of the application to the University of Sydney.

UNSW Sydney

Entry requirements for the gaokao are based on the percentage average of all attempted subjects.

Monash University

The gaokao is accepted for admission to most courses at Monash University, and accepted scores may vary depending on the course applied for.

Western University

Students who have completed the gaokao programme must achieve a sufficient number of points to be offered a place and satisfy any prerequisite subject requirements for the subject you have applied for.

University of Adelaide

Students who have taken the gaokao must meet the scores required for their chosen programme and satisfy the prerequisite subject requirements.

University of Technology Sydney

Students must successfully complete the gaokao and have a total score that meets the entry standard for the chosen subject.

Griffith University

Standard entry to Griffith University requires a minimum of 63 per cent overall score. Scores required will vary based on entry level.

James Cook University

Entry based on gaokao scores will be assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on provincial scores.

University of Canberra

Requirements for the gaokao will vary based on the subject applied for.

Victoria University

Applicants must have completed the gaokao to the lower cut-off score for Tier 2 universities.

Charles Darwin University

Students need to have successfully completed the gaokao with a score required for entry into Tier 2 university in the relevant province.


For Chinese students looking to study in Australia, it can be helpful to know which universities accept the gaokao. This guide will help you to find the Australian universities that do