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Throughout the Marketing MSc. program students will gain a solid background in traditional topics such as consumer behavior, branding, and digital marketing, and contemporary topics such as customer experience management, analytics, and omnichannel marketing.
The program is designed to offer a problem-based learning experience. Students’ courses will be based on state-of-the-art research and hands-on applications to real business problems.

Strategic Management

The program will offer students an opportunity to enrich themselves on a cultural level, to open their perspectives to new horizons, to create networks with international students and companies. All this is achieved through the experience and the knowledge of professors with expertise in both academia and industry.

Policies and Governance in Europe

Students will develop professional profiles for employment in the many fields related to public policy. PAGE offers a combination of analytical skills, knowledge of key policy domains and specific competencies. The two tracks provide specialisations to prepare for the employment in private and public organisations at the EU, national and regional or local levels, such as EU and international institutions, regulatory agencies, firms, voluntary arts and heritage bodies, local and regional development offices, consultancies, lobbying firms, and NGOs.

International Relations

  • Major in Diplomacy: students will be trained to analyze the main international issues from a intertwined triple perspective: law, economics and political ones in a multilinguistic and multicultural environment.
  • Major in Security: students will be trained to increase their knowledge on the geopolitical and strategic    dynamics at global level, under a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Major in Mediterranean Governance: students will learn politics, economics  and sociology of the Mediterranean countries,  political systems and different kind of migration policies as wel

Data Science and Management

Students are given a solid preparation on data science methodologies and technologies, including courses on Advanced Statistics, Python and R for Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Big Data Analytics. This solid training on STEM disciplines is complemented with innovative courses on economic disciplines, including Internet and Network Economics, Digital Ecosystems, Data-driven Innovation and Privacy in the Digital World.

Corporate Finance

At the end, graduates acquired all the professional and personal skills useful to start a successful career in corporate finance field. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the prestigious QTEM program, an exclusive network of 19 world-class universities and leading multinational organizations that aims to forge a link between academia and industry. Students spend one year in two partner institutions to experience foreign cultures and perspectives, earning a supranational degree certification.


The Master in Management’s program consists of core courses that advance students’ knowledge in the functional areas of management and elective courses that offer specialized knowledge and real-life examples in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Management, and Luxury, Fashion and Made in Italy. The course is completely taught in English, internationally ranked, and offers numerous double degree options and other exchanges to the enrolled students.

Global Management and Politics

The program starts with a focus on the economic, legal and economic-business foundations of global management. Then, students will go through organizational and strategic issues and, finally, will touch upon issues concerning the political implications of globalization, international relations, the dynamics of international governmental and non-governmental organizations and activities related to fairly representing corporate, stakeholder and institutional interests.

Economics and Finance

Graduates in these Master degree courses will be able to perform functions of high responsibility in the economic and financial system, in investment, commercial and central banks, in asset management companies, in financial institutions, international organizations and supervisory authorities, in the finance area, and the management of multinational companies. Graduates in Economics and Finance can also play the role of freelance in the economic-financial area at the highest levels of competence.