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Semilunei Street, No. 4-6, floor 3, Bucharest, 2nd District, Romania
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FINS is the only non-bank financial institution in the EU providing customized, flexible loans for students that want to study abroad in Europe, including the United Kingdom and Switzerland. FINS study loans are designed to meet real student needs with no requirements for prior employment, earnings history, real estate guarantees, co-signers, or guarantors, but with an extensive grace period and affordable repayment structure. 

FINS can finance both undergraduate or postgraduate programs of up to 25.000 EUR and the loan can be used for payment of the tuition fee, rent, deposits, monthly living costs, books and other study materials, medical insurance, transportation, etc.

All EU citizens that want to study in a different EU country, United Kingdom or Switzerland are welcomed to apply for a FINS loan, regardless of whether they have applied for university abroad or are preparing to apply. The evaluation process is based on the university admission file.