MA in Political Science / 1 year

The program targets both future academics and students who wish to pursue careers in non-academic jobs requiring considerable skills in social and political analysis, typically in the civil service, the news media, NGOs, political and cultural organizations, and private businesses. To serve this multifaceted constituency, the program puts considerable emphasis on developing research and writing skills that are valued in all work environments that require the ability to develop, probe, and convey complex ideas efficiently, logically, and lucidly.

This MA program is for students who wish to develop the analytical skills necessary to achieve excellence in politics and economics of democratization in a comparative perspective, international development, comparative and European politics, current issues in the theory and practice of constitutional democracy, political theory, political sociology, and political economy.

Paid course type

This program offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum in theory and research methods in contemporary political science. It is designed for students with a four-year BA degree in the social sciences and related disciplines.

Course details

The program offers several streams of specialization. In the course of their studies, students can specialize in a field of their choice, and receive from the department – in addition to the MA diploma – a certificate in that particular field within the discipline.

  • Comparative Politics
  • Social and Political Theory
  • Political Communication
  • Political Economy
  • Electoral Politics
  • Political Research Methodology and Social Analysis
  • Comparative European Politics
  • Post-communist Politics
  • Public Policy
  • Constitutional Politics


The core courses cover the analytical and empirical foundations of the MA program and are organized in four groups:

  • Social and Political Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Comparative Politics
  • Quantitative Research Methodology

Courses include:

  • Comparative Politics
  • Introduction to Political Communication
  • Political Economy: Basics in Macroeconomics
  • Political Economy: Core Issues and Conceptual Frameworks in Political Economy
  • The Political Economy of the European Union
  • The Political Economy of Non-democracy
  • Political Theory
  • Elections and Democracy
  • Comparative European Politics
  • Constitutionalism and Democracy
  • Re-imagining Social Movements
  • Reinterpreting Political Violence in Twentieth-Century Europe: A Comparative Analysis
  • Representation, Power and Manipulation in Legislatures
  • Revolutions and Civil Wars in the Twentieth Century: A Comparative Analysis
  • Welfare States in the Current Era: Origins, Issues and Challenges
Entry requirements

Admissions requirements:

  • Completed online application form
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Letters of recommendation
  • CV
  • Bachelor’s degree, ideally in political science, other social science disciplines, economics, philosophy, public policy or public administration, law and media
  • Academic records
  • Statement of purpose
  • Essay on an issue or problem in political science
  • Writing sample(s)
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