Politics and International Studies

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International Relations

  • Major in Diplomacy: students will be trained to analyze the main international issues from a intertwined triple perspective: law, economics and political ones in a multilinguistic and multicultural environment.
  • Major in Security: students will be trained to increase their knowledge on the geopolitical and strategic    dynamics at global level, under a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Major in Mediterranean Governance: students will learn politics, economics  and sociology of the Mediterranean countries,  political systems and different kind of migration policies as w

Global Management and Politics

The program starts with a focus on the economic, legal and economic-business foundations of global management. Then, students will go through organizational and strategic issues and, finally, will touch upon issues concerning the political implications of globalization, international relations, the dynamics of international governmental and non-governmental organizations and activities related to fairly representing corporate, stakeholder and institutional interests.

MA in Political Science / 1 year

The program targets both future academics and students who wish to pursue careers in non-academic jobs requiring considerable skills in social and political analysis, typically in the civil service, the news media, NGOs, political and cultural organizations, and private businesses. To serve this multifaceted constituency, the program puts considerable emphasis on developing research and writing skills that are valued in all work environments that require the ability to develop, probe, and convey complex ideas efficiently, logically, and lucidly.

BA in Culture, Politics and Society (CPS)

Accredited in the U.S. and Austria, BA in Culture, Politics and Society (CPS) provides an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts curriculum updated for 21st century challenges. The program is designed for the generation which has come of age after the digital revolution, living in a society flooded with information, disinformation and with technological transformations which continue to change how we learn, communicate, and relate to one another.