Five reasons to study a theatre and performing arts degree

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The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (Central), based in London, offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate training across the areas of drama, theatre and performance. Here, we look at five reasons why it’s a great time to train on a theatre and performing arts degree.

Theatre and performance-making have never been more culturally important

The arts have the power to transform lives for the better, with examples being highlighted across society over the past 18 months. From new and engaging shows on television and streaming services to international projects that bring together communities during the pandemic, performance-making has created products that have become lynchpins that keep friends and families connected.

Central’s collaboration with Company Three’s The Coronavirus Time Capsule, for example, provided a platform for teenagers to express their experiences during the pandemic and to explore their desires for better more equitable futures.

Creative industries offer many roles

The range of roles available in the creative industries is vast, providing opportunities for people with diverse skills and interests. Whether it’s performing, producing, writing, designing sets, lighting or sound, costume-making or scenic painting, there is a role for everyone.

Perhaps the most exciting part of working in the creative industries is the chance to collaborate with practitioners who share you passion for performance-making.

Creative courses are often practical in nature, so you learn by doing

Studying a practical, creative course gives you the opportunity to train in your specialist area in a safe and hands-on environment. The tutors guide you throughout tutorials but also give you the space to try things out independently.

You can benefit from extensive industry exposure and networks through showcases, exhibitions, festivals and professional placements. By making, producing, designing or performing, you will hone your skills and ensure you’re ready to enter the industry upon graduating.

Theatre and performing arts courses allow for self-discovery and artistic development

Your artistic voice is unique to you. Diverse stories and experiences are what make the creative industries authentic and inclusive. Central’s courses provide a platform to discover and develop your creative identity, and by working and sharing ideas with a range of practitioners you will reflect on your practice and grow as an artist.

By embracing and learning from each other’s differences, we create a richer learning environment where knowledge and experiences can be shared, and the future of our industries can be shaped.

You can help shape the future of the creative industries

The creative industries are continuously evolving. Central’s courses encourage students to question long-held ways of doing things and experiment and innovate with new methods and technologies.

Central’s mission is to inspire, educate and train the performers, practitioners and change-makers of tomorrow to shape the future of theatre and the performing arts.

Find out more about the full range of bachelor’s and master’s courses available at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


By studying theatre and performing arts, students can influence culture, develop their creative identity and shape the future of creative industries

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