A day in the life of a student in Nigeria

By seeta.bhardwa@…, 15 March, 2019

As a human physiology student of Bowen University, which is located in Iwo, a town in the southwestern part of Nigeria, I tend to prioritse my learning over other things.

Early mornings

I get up every day at 6am or 6.30am, and either attend a mass devotion or observe my personal devotion.

Around 7.30am, I am ready for the day. If I have any classes or an undergraduate student supervision scheduled for the day I will head to my faculty first.

I live in a hall of residence just eight minutes away on foot from the faculty, so it is a quick commute for me.

At the moment I am taking only a few courses, so I will have, at most, two classes in a day.

This semester, I’m taking membrane transport, functional neuroanatomy, endocrinology II, a comparative anatomy class and I’m carrying out a five-credit research project. All my classes end by 4pm so I have time for extracurricular activities.

If I have no classes in the morning, I head to a nearby cafeteria to get my breakfast because the school authorities do not allow students to cook anything. After my breakfast, I head to the library as I prefer to study in the morning.

I visit the library in the morning and in the evening when I need to make use of materials I can only find in the library. The library closes at 9pm, so I don’t read into the night. Sometimes I read outside my discipline – history, prose, politics, leadership, creative writing or economics. I started reading Canadian politics recently. 

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Afternoon extracurriculars

After I’ve had lunch, I prefer to go to the hostel in the afternoon to work on the student magazine where I am the editor-in-chief. Other times, I'll spend my afternoon reading books on leadership, self-development, autobiographies and other countries.

I love to meet new people every day. Sometimes it is hard to do this because of my busy schedule. However, I'm a member of the drama unit and the Sunday school unit too, which always provides me with opportunities to make new friends.

Around 4pm, I use Twitter to study. I learn new things through Twitter and I sometimes make notes.

I take supper around 6pm after a well-deserved rest of an hour, before I go to read some more. I love reading. 

I attend the evening devotion around 10pm. Then I’ll spend some time chatting with friends before heading for bed. I sleep for at least six hours. As a student of human physiology, I know the physiological benefits of a good sleep.

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Bowen University student Stephen Atolagbe takes us through a typical day of university life in Nigeria

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