CUHK elevates the students experience with financial support and research opportunities

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Generous postgraduate scholarships are helping universities attract talented international researchers, equipping them for dynamic global careers and supporting outstanding research to change the world.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) offers more than 220 postgraduate programmes across a wide range of areas, contributing to CUHK’s mission to be a leading comprehensive research university globally.

With a commitment to attract the world’s best and brightest talents to pursue their PhD studies at CUHK, the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) offers awardees up to HKD 1.69 million (£187,000) in financial assistance during the study period.

Fabricio Oliveira Da Silva is a Brazilian student and HKPFS awardee in the fourth year of a PhD in applied English linguistics at CUHK. He says the support the university has provided, including during the Covid-19 pandemic, has been instrumental in his success as a student at CUHK.

“At CUHK, we have great libraries available 24/7, access to high-quality journals, events and cooperation opportunities. As part of my programme, I am also a research assistant and a teaching assistant, working alongside professors and course instructors, which adds to my learning experience,” says Oliveira Da Silva.

Da Silva works as a teaching assistant in applied linguistics at CUHK
Oliveira Da Silva works as a teaching assistant in applied linguistics at CUHK


“HKPFS awardees can benefit from all the financial support needed to carry out research and travel for conferences, and the visibility of being a student at one of the most prestigious universities in Asia and the world,” Oliveira Da Silva says. “The fact of being a CUHK student and HKPFS awardee has already opened doors for me, such as job offers, publishing a book chapter, giving lectures as an invited speaker and research cooperation. I am sure there is more to come.”

Moldir Shyngys, a first-year PhD student from Kazakhstan at CUHK, is researching nanomedicine and tissue regeneration within biomedical engineering. She also studied her undergraduate degree at CUHK.

“Since my undergraduate studies, I have already enjoyed the diverse academic and campus life at CUHK. I actively participated outside the classroom by joining various student communities and had fun connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Among the fondest memories of my student life at CUHK is the Central Asian Cultural Week. With the university’s help, we could share our culture by organising cultural workshops and celebrating the Turkic New Year, Nauryz, with CUHK students and staff,” says Shyngys. “All these experiences contributed to my whole-person development and ignited my enthusiasm to learn more about the surrounding world.”

“I hope that studying at CUHK as an HKPFS awardee will help me fulfil my research potential and facilitate my scientific career development. CUHK has numerous international collaborations – among them is a joint research project with a medical university in Sweden, which I have joined under my supervisor's team,” Shyngys says. “I believe that the opportunities provided by the HKPFS at CUHK can help me achieve my goal of improving regenerative medicine.”

Shyngys is researching nanomedicine and tissue regeneration within biomedical engineering at CUHK
Shyngys is researching nanomedicine and tissue regeneration within biomedical engineering at CUHK


Anthony So, dean of the CUHK graduate school, says: “Postgraduate students at CUHK come from around the globe and are nurtured by our distinguished academics to become leaders in a world striving for both excellence and sustainability. The cutting-edge learning resources and diverse opportunities at CUHK equip young scholars with the knowledge and skillsets required for excelling in academic and professional careers.”

Exchange rate HKD 1 = £0.11 at the time of publication.

The HKPFS application deadline is 1 December 2022. Further details about the HKPFS at CUHK can be found here.


Early career academics are seeing the value of the financial support and wealth of cultural and research opportunities available at CUHK

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