The TOEFL iBT is changing. What does that mean for you?

By seeta.bhardwa@…, 26 April, 2023

Have you heard? Some changes are happening to the TOEFL iBT test to make things easier for students. 

Here are the ways in which the test is changing: 

- It is getting shorter: From 26 July 2023, the TOEFL iBT test will now take less than two hours to complete. It will become the shortest of the three most widely used English-language testing options. What’s making it shorter, you ask. Great question.

- Streamlined test instructions and navigation: You can spend more time focusing on the test questions themselves and less time reading through the upfront material and collateral.

- Removal of all unscored questions: We’ve found a way to collect the data we need on the questions through statistical analyses after the test, rather than while it’s being completed, saving you time. Now every question you answer counts directly towards your score.

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- Shortened reading section: There will be one fewer reading passage and associated test questions in the reading section. All the task types will remain consistent but you’ll be able to showcase your reading abilities in less time.

- New writing for an academic discussion task: This task will replace the previous independent writing task. Much like a discussion board task you’ll see in university classroom settings today, you’ll be provided with a topic and asked to state your opinion within an online forum. The task will take less time, while still providing sufficient evidence that your writing skills are what institutions are looking for.

- The registration experience is getting better: Beginning in July 2023, creating an ETS account and registering for the test will be faster and easier than ever before, leaving you more time in your day for everything else on your busy schedule.

- Score delivery will be more transparent: We know checking your account to see whether your scores have been posted can cause unnecessary stress, so we’re implementing a couple of things. First, once you finish the test, you’ll not only continue to see your unofficial reading and listening scores, but you’ll also see the date you can expect to receive your scores for all four sections in your account. In addition, we’re implementing real-time notifications when your score status changes, so you can expect to hear from us directly about where your scores are in the process.

Students can book their tests online and take it at a nearby test centre or at home. 

There are a range of test prep materials on the TOEFL website, such as the TOEFL iBT Free Practice Test and TOEFL iBT Practice Sets. 

For a more detailed look at the enhancements described above, visit


The TOEFL iBT test is getting shorter and some sections have been streamlined to make it easier for students 

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