Everything international students need to know about student visas in Australia

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Australia is one of the the top destinations for international students, with some of the best universities in the world. 

However, students are often discouraged from studying abroad when faced with the complex visa application. While it can a difficult process to wrap your head around, it’s worth going through to be able to study in a country such as Australia.

Ten student YouTubers you should know about

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If you’ve ever looked for university information and advice online, you will have come across student vloggers. With platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, students have increasingly taken it upon themselves to share their university experiences online, covering everything from the best cafes on campus to how to deal with stress and anxiety during a degree course.

Everything international students need to know about UK student visas

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The UK is a top study destination for international students because it is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Students often view the process of securing a visa as being difficult, feeling overwhelmed by various deadlines and the need to produce supporting documents. But you shouldn’t let that put you off studying abroad. Once the visa process is complete, the experience of studying abroad will outweigh any headaches you may faced during the visa application process.

Writing a dissertation during the pandemic

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Being in lockdown has been a difficult situation for everyone, however I have found it additionally difficult because I have also had to complete a dissertation project. Like many other students, I found myself in a new place where I needed to handle both the Covid-19 pandemic and university stress.

This is why it is vital to talk about the well-being of students, especially those in their final year who are writing up their dissertation.

Covid-19: How to get a feel for a campus when you can’t visit in person

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With Covid-19 making in-person campus visits a challenge, many prospective students are missing out on a crucial factor in choosing a university this year: the gut feeling you have when you visit.

Thanks to rankings, course listings, university websites and webinars, it’s easier than ever to research universities online, but it can be hard to replicate visiting in person.

Use these tips to help you get a feel for a campus, even from thousands of miles away.