Applications for UK post-study work visa to open in July

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Students will be able to apply for the new post-study work visa from 1 July 2021, the UK government has announced. 

The visa is open to international students who successfully complete a degree at undergraduate level or above in the UK and allows them to stay in the country to work or seek work for two years. This is extended to three years for doctoral students. 


Studying abroad and the Indian student experience

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Indian students who choose to study abroad have a lot to look forward to. They will learn in new teaching environments and encounter more diverse curricula. When students cross borders, they have the opportunity to tailor their academic life to their interests and career ambitions – and the cross-cultural experience off-campus can be just as rewarding. But before choosing a destination for study, there is much to consider.

UK teachers to assess 2021 A-level grades and no algorithm to be used

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School teachers in the UK will determine grades for A-level and GCSE students this summer, the government has announced.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson stated that teachers will be able to use a range of resources such as mock exams, coursework or other work, including essays and in-class tests, completed as part of a pupil’s course.


These might be the most unique universities in the world

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The university model of undergraduates studying three- to four-year programmes on large residential campuses, learning mostly by lecturers and culminating in a final thesis is hundreds of years old and how most universities in the Western world are organised.

Although you might not have heard of them, there are universities around the world that have chosen to rip up the rule book on this centuries-old approach. Here are four institutions whose philosophy, location, teaching structure and programme offerings are anything but ordinary.

Video: tips from international students on studying abroad during the pandemic

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If you’re considering studying abroad in the next year or so, you probably have many questions around what it is like on campus at the moment. How do you apply? What are lectures like? How do you make friends?

Well, we bought together a few international students, some of whom are studying from home and some who are staying on campus in the UK, US and Canada, to answer some of these questions. They cover many topics, including making friends, the application process, how to choose the right university for you and how to handle homesickness.