University of Groningen


Is data the new oil? Could facial recognition systems make racial decisions? And do you think your early morning run with Strava affects infrastructure planning? Become a team player in Data Science & Society at Campus Fryslân to find out!

What is consciousness? What is the relation between truth and democracy? If our world is mechanistic, how could chances ever exist?

Students will further train the philosophical knowledge and skills they developed in their Bachelor's degree programme and are encouraged to engage in philosophical discussions at a deeper level.

Master's students in Philosophy can choose from three specializations:
●    Theoretical Philosophy
●    History of Philosophy
●    Ethics Social and Political Philosophy

Are you interested in a career as a researcher of spatial subjects? This programme allows the study of Spatial Sciences in the broadest possible way, and it trains students to become good researchers.

How are religion, conflict and peace related? How does globalization affect local religious traditions? How do religious and secular actors interact in debates on migration and gender?

The Bachelor in Science Global Responsibility & Leadership of University College Fryslân has been rated as the best bachelor’s programme in all of the Netherlands according to the Dutch Higher Education Guide for Universities 2022.

Theory and History of Psychology (formerly “Reflecting on Psychology”) studies psychology as a science, a discipline, and a profession. It's the only programme of its kind in Europe

How is #blacklivesmatter a movement to empower (racialized) minorities across the globe? Does the discussion on diversity management ask for new leadership skills? How do global events such as the Covid19 pandemic affect minorities?

Language, Culture and Diversity

How can you manage diversity of cultures and languages? How do minorities shape social development? Does the discussion on inclusion and diversity ask for new leadership skills?

Local roots, global outlook

How can we make use of the immune system in order to target cancer? How does early life nutrition impact metabolic health in adulthood? How can microorganisms help fight against infectious diseases?