Computer Science

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Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op

Learn how to analyse data using cutting-edge technology or traditional methods to drive proactive decision-making and optimize business performance. With the ability to interpret and transform large sets of data into actionable insights, students can increase business efficiencies. The co-op term provides you with an opportunity to integrate academic studies with related employment experience. Students can also opt to complete a Capstone project.

Diploma in Digital Marketing Specialist Co-op

Learn from guest speakers and gain hands-on experience for in-demand transferable skills. Upon successful completion, you will be primed to acquire industry-recognized certifications. The co-op term provides you with an opportunity to integrate academic studies with related employment experience. We have a co-op placement policy* in the field of studies. This program is powered by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and upon successful completion, you will also receive a Digital Marketing Associate certificate.

MSc Data Analytics

Are you ready to take your career to the next level in an in-demand industry?

The Data Analytics postgraduate programme gives students fundamental skills within the field of computer science and data analytics. Students will work on the latest research developments and will benefit from industry guest speakers and live briefs throughout the programme.

BSc in Applied Data Science

Our experienced and passionate lecturers will guide you through a mix of classical and modern big data processing techniques, analysis, hypothesizing and visualization skills as well as looking at cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. Each semester is carefully designed to support you through the fundamentals in statistics, calculus, computer science, ethical, and legal considerations within data science and business management, including administration, project management and critical thinking.


This program mainly aims at the program needs in the field of national economy and national defense, cultivates and grasps solid basic knowledge of basic theory and professional practical skills of life science, and is familiar with the development status of bioscience and technology, future development trend and its application in production practice, leading talents who understand the cross application of bioscience and technology in the field of aerospace and navigation.  

Computer Science

The graduate of The Bachelor Computer Science Program is a professional with knowledge and skills that meet internationally recognized standards. The bachelor study provides him/her excellent ability to orientate him/herself on the evolving labour market. During the study, the ratio between knowledge and skills is very carefully balanced, even concerning the individual interest of the student.