Computer Science

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Software Engineering

The experts and professors in the School of Software Engineering are from famous enterprises and universities over the world. The curriculum is in line with international standards, and the curriculum content is oriented to the software market and enterprises to strengthen practical teaching. 

Computer Technology

This master's program is designed to teach students both the basic and key areas of computer science while becoming senior programmers, system designers, or researchers in specific fields within computer science. Also, the program will provide counseling programs and financial assistance to help graduates with potential and interest to start a business and encourage outstanding graduates to pursue doctoral degrees.

BSc in Applied Data Science

Our experienced and passionate lecturers will guide you through a mix of classical and modern big data processing techniques, analysis, hypothesizing and visualization skills as well as looking at cutting-edge applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. Each semester is carefully designed to support you through the fundamentals in statistics, calculus, computer science, ethical, and legal considerations within data science and business management, including administration, project management and critical thinking.


This program mainly aims at the program needs in the field of national economy and national defense, cultivates and grasps solid basic knowledge of basic theory and professional practical skills of life science, and is familiar with the development status of bioscience and technology, future development trend and its application in production practice, leading talents who understand the cross application of bioscience and technology in the field of aerospace and navigation.  

Computer Science

The graduate of The Bachelor Computer Science Program is a professional with knowledge and skills that meet internationally recognized standards. The bachelor study provides him/her excellent ability to orientate him/herself on the evolving labour market. During the study, the ratio between knowledge and skills is very carefully balanced, even concerning the individual interest of the student.

Software Engineering and Digital Transformation

The programme addresses the application of engineering principles of software and systems development, including design methodologies, business process and service modelling and re-engineering, operation principles, and maintenance and quality assurance approaches. Digital transformation in this context refers to the change associated with the application of the software engineering body of knowledge to the transformation and modernisation of digital assets of business and industry.