Computer Science

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Computer Engineering

We provide the opportunity to study up to two semesters in Europe through the Erasmus program, as well as pursue a double major or major/minor program. Students gain hands-on experience through laboratory-based education and participation in research projects. Compulsory internships in the summers following the fourth and sixth semesters enable students to gain experience in the application areas of their interests. At Medipol, Computer Engineering students are also given the chance to work on research projects starting from the third year.

Information Systems Management

Information Systems Management MSc has been designed to meet the needs of students who aim to move from a purely technical position to one in which leadership skills are required, or who are currently operating in a managerial position and wish to enhance their management knowledge. The career-driven curriculum has been designed with a vision in mind that graduates will be able to drive change and innovation across the IT industry.

Cyber Security

The Cyber Security MSc has been designed to provide students with the understanding of the tools and techniques for preventing or limiting cybercrime. The modules are structured to equip students with the ability to investigate suspected cyber-attacks as well as navigate through the challenges in assessing and managing security risks within the modern workplace.

Computer Science

The Computer Science MSc is tailored to students from a non-computer science background to provide necessary technical knowledge, skills and experience in the rapidly growing sector of computer science. You will gain a comprehensive insight into the global trends in computer science and augment this insight with specialised knowledge of AI through modules covering machine learning in practice, multi-agent systems and reasoning and intelligent systems.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics MSc follows a career-driven curriculum, developed to provide practical skills and knowledge directly applicable to a workplace. You will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of both the technology that supports big data analytics and the practical application of this technology in the context of business information and real-world problems.

Computer Science

University of Bath provides working professionals, or those with no previous experience, with trailblazing, practice-based teaching, aimed to inspire and prepare you for a career in computer science. Throughout studying the online computer science degree you’ll be taught by inspirational research academics, whose work leads the way in AI, Human Computer Interaction and cybersecurity.

Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence is significantly more closely connected with human progress and societal change. It calls on new and powerful data algorithms to ensure that intelligent machines work in closer collaboration with us than ever before.