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The mission of this programme is to prepare students for careers in scholarly activity, applied research and policy analysis. We strive to equip students of the MPhil/PhD in Urban Studies programme with the ability to bring real impacts to the society through their research. 

Is data the new oil? Could facial recognition systems make racial decisions? And do you think your early morning run with Strava affects infrastructure planning? Become a team player in Data Science & Society at Campus Fryslân to find out!

The primary goal of the program is to deepen your knowledge of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of social phenomena, structures and processes. In a wide range of courses, you are encouraged to articulate individual positions with regard to bridging the two disciplines in the topics you study.

Accredited in the U.S. and Austria, BA in Culture, Politics and Society (CPS) provides an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts curriculum updated for 21st century challenges. The program is designed for the generation which has come of age after the digital revolution, living in a society flooded with information, disinformation and with technological transformations which continue to change how we learn, communicate, and relate to one another.

Accredited in the U.S. and Austria, BA in Quantitative Social Sciences (QSS) combines the study of human societies with a rigorous foundation in mathematics, statistics, computation and data science. The program teaches the interdisciplinary skills necessary to extract scientific understanding from societal data and consists of a comprehensive training in computational data analysis and mathematical modeling, as well as core theory and methods from sociology, economics, environmental science and political science.


The Global Peace and Social Justice program seeks to understand the reasons for confrontation and violence on all levels and, by understanding, to find ways to transform or prevent destructive conflicts. The program covers a wide range of fields including philosophy, religion, politics, anthropology, the sciences, and many others. Your major in Global Peace and Social Justice will begin in your second year, following an exploratory general first-year program called Humanities I.