Geology, Environmental, Earth and Marine Sciences

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Biotechnology of Fisheries and Marine

The Master of Study Program of Fisheries and Marine Biotechnology has a Learning Outcomes: 1. Capable of analyzing aquatic organism health based on biotechnology to intensify the disease free- marine and aquaculture products quality 2. Capable of analyzing kinds of diseases in fish by using appropriate molecular diagnostic technique 3. Capable of creating quality preventive methods in developing biotechnology based aquaculture 4. Capable of developing aquatic biota engineering that is resistant to pathogenic infection and environmental changes 5.

HSE Professional

Applicants will be admitted to the study program in full-time study at the master's follow-up study. There is no exam in the admission procedure. Graduates of bachelor study programs of similar specialization may be admitted to study. Assessing the content of previous courses and comparing them with the required basics is done by the program guarantor on the basis of a comparison of curriculum subjects and teaching ranges. The results of previous studies will be taken into account. The final decision will be made by the Dean.