Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Aerospace Engineering

The School of Aeronautics  was founded in 2003, but its history can be traced backed to the year of 1937. In 1937, the aeronautical engineering departments from Jiaotong university, Nanjing university, and Zhejiang university were merged together and became the Eastern China Aeronautics institute, which was later merged to NPU.


The knowledge from the electrical, mechanical and control systems makes possible to take into the account the complex structure of the mechatronic system and consider the interactions of different dynamic subsystems during the design phase of the new mechatronic system and using the suitable designed control system to achieve the desired dynamic properties of the final mechatronic system. The graduates are ready for the team work, to discuss technical problems with other specialized groups. 


Industrial Design Engineering

: This Master's programme is a unique study opportunity in Finland, combining knowledge of and working methods in production engineering, industrial design and material development. It emphasises a combination of design skills and engineering qualifications through project courses in which students apply their knowledge to practice. Projects are carried out in close cooperation with Finnish and European industries. As a result, this programme is a popular major subject that has seen a rapid growth in applicant numbers nationally and internationally. 

Mechanical Engineering

The main themes of the studies are production technology, the design of demanding metal structures and robotic welding or the design of mechatronic equipment. At the end of the studies, you will be able to build, measure and test a variety of sustainable technical solutions, both in practice and virtually.


Mechatronics Engineering


At McMaster Engineering, we’re redefining engineering education by offering experiences that create global citizens through project-based classes, flexible co-op terms, and diverse research opportunities. You can specialize in our world-class Mechatronics Engineering program after our foundational first year, Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering

The program is delivered by one of the fast growing institution of higher learning, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU). Being situated in the Eastern Province, PMU not only has the benefit of being in one of the most progressive and fast evolving cities in the Kingdom, but it also has the advantage of being all around massive global companies such as: Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Halliburton, Yokogawa, Schlumberger and GE.

This gives our students a massive geographical advantage with the ease of studying, Interning and working all in the same city.