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International Tourism

The International Tourism industry urgently needs skilled and creative managers who: 1. Understand how to tackle sustainability challenges of tourism and its impact on societies; 2. Master different ways of critical thinking needed for solving complex problems; 3. Implement sustainable change integrating the perspectives of local residents, tourists, and service providers…to create a sustainable future of travel and tourism. Not just in Switzerland, but worldwide.

Marketing and Transformative Economy

The Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy is not just another Master in Marketing. Its ambition is to offer established marketing wisdom and practice and expand them further.
First, the Master brings marketing aims beyond customer satisfaction, to cater to individual and collective well-being. This allows marketers to pursue new business opportunities by improving customers’ economic as well as emotional, environmental, physical, and psychological well-being.


The Master’s in Finance is designed to provide rigorous and relevant training for future financial professionals. We combine theory and practice to equip you with a solid foundation in financial principles, tools, and techniques that position you for a rewarding career in finance. You learn how to analyze financial markets, use and structure financial products and devise investment opportunities. 

BA in Sports Management

You will acquire specific skills to meet the challenges of this competitive atmosphere through courses in negotiation, sponsorship and broadcasting, among others. Students completing this specialization pursue careers in:

  • Team and club management
  • Merchandising
  • Sports event management
  • Corporate sponsorship