Bioenergy Systems

In this programme, you will learn how to produce energy safely, economically, and using low-emission technology and renewable energy sources. By graduation, you will understand the benefits and drawbacks of different bioenergy generation technologies and will be able to design small-scale bioenergy systems.


The future energy challenge calls for new supplies of affordable sustainable energy. Making greater use of the renewable energy systems available is a way to meet the climate change challenge while helping to secure the availability of energy supplies for us all. Bioenergy will be a significant part of clean and feasible energy systems in the future, and its use is increasing globally. When utilising bioenergy, we must ensure that it is sustainable and feasible. This Master's programme gives you skills to do this, from the feedstock of fuels to harvesting and thermal conversion to electricity and heat. 

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In this programme, you will learn how to produce energy safely and economically. You will understand and be able to explain the benefits and drawbacks of different bioenergy generation technologies.

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You can apply to this programme either through the rolling or regular admission process. See detailed entry requirements for rolling admission and regular admission

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The programme provides you access to the latest information about the renewable energy sector and how it affects your future career. The already expansive energy sector is growing globally, but in addition, it is changing to respond to global challenges. Our graduates have the skills to not only cope with the transition but to be its drivers. There is a constant need for new experts with the latest skills and understanding about the technologies available currently and in the future. 

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