Video: money saving tips from university students

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Students from Loughborough University share how they approach budgeting as a university student – from the best student deals they use regularly and how they plan meals to finding a gym membership that fits your needs and budget. 

As a first-generation university student, Ryan Harris said he didn’t have advice from family that he could draw on to understand all the costs related to going to university, but he explained that there was a wealth of information online, including on TikTok, which helped him to create a budget. 

Jemima Biodun-Bello, an English and digital humanities student, said that being disciplined and setting boundaries was one way to manage spending in your social life. She added that taking advantage of free activities at your university or around your university town can help keep costs down but still allow you to spend time with your friends. 

English student Rebecca Pearson explained that student discounts are a great way to save money and it’s always a good idea to ask shops or restaurants if they offer a student discount as they don’t always advertise them. 

Watch the full video below.


You can never have too many money-saving tips under your belt. These students studying at Loughborough University share their most useful finance tips for other students