Guide to student bank accounts in the UK

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Studying in the UK is expensive for both domestic and international students, so it is important that you choose a good student bank account that can help you to maximise your money. 

Most major banks (and some online banks) will offer a specific student bank account that will come with perks that will help you to budget and manage your money. 

1. Choose a bank

There are many banks in the UK, so the best way to narrow it down is to look at what the different banks are offering students (see our handy table below).

How to survive A-level results day

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In a few weeks, thousands of students will receive their A-level results. If you’re one of them, you’re probably going to be feeling a bit nervous right now. You may be feeling confident about your results, which is great, but you can take away some of the stress by researching all your options. If you’re prepared, you can make sure that you make the best decisions, no matter what happens on the day.

A-level results day: what to do when you receive your A-level results

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A-level results day is perhaps one of the most important moments in a student’s life but it can be difficult to know exactly what to do when you’ve received your exam results, especially if they didn’t pan out the way you expected.

Here’s a helpful guide to help you decide your plan of action in any results day scenario.


Bringing family with you on a US student visa

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With US consulates slowly reopening around the world, many international students are preparing to come to the US to begin their studies. While some may be coming alone, others, such as postgraduate students, might be thinking about bringing partners or children with them.

While it is possible to bring family and dependents to the US on a student visa, there are strict regulations around it and the process can be time-consuming.


Virtual internships: what are the benefits for international students?

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Internships can provide you with a range of skills necessary to succeed in the workplace that you often can’t get from academic studies.

They can help you build your understanding of workplace culture, develop your communication, time management, problem-solving skills and expand your global fluency.

Crucially, internships also offer students the opportunity to network with people in relevant professional circles, which can potentially lead to additional work placements and career opportunities.


Duolingo English Test: what it is and how to prepare for it

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If you’re applying for an English-speaking university as a non-native speaker, you’ll need to demonstrate your English language proficiency through a test such as the Duolingo English Test.

First introduced in 2016, the Duolingo English Test can be taken online, on demand, with no appointment necessary. It takes one hour to complete, costs $49 (around £36) and results will be sent to you within two days.


Seven ways to tell how committed your university is to diversity and inclusion

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Higher education is – thankfully – in a moment of transition. After the murder of George Floyd last year and in response to the continued push of the Movement for Black Lives, universities around the world are responding by pledging a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Some are even going so far as to declare themselves “anti-racist universities”, which is a welcome change.


How to budget as an international student

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Budgeting is not the most exciting topic, but financial well-being is critical to your overall university experience.

Recent research commissioned by financial education resource Blackbullion found that nearly half of students have considered dropping out of university or deferring by a year because of financial barriers, which has only been exacerbated by Covid-19.


The 10 most beautiful university libraries in the world

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As the American writer Shelby Foote once said: “A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.”

Though so much information for most people’s studies is now online, you can’t beat the feeling of sanctuary and calm you get from a good library. Whether you use them for research, reading or just to escape the world for a few hours, libraries are an essential part of the university experience.

Covid-19: How to get a feel for a campus when you can’t visit in person

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With Covid-19 making in-person campus visits a challenge, many prospective students are missing out on a crucial factor in choosing a university this year: the gut feeling you have when you visit.

Thanks to rankings, course listings, university websites and webinars, it’s easier than ever to research universities online, but it can be hard to replicate visiting in person.

Use these tips to help you get a feel for a campus, even from thousands of miles away.