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The International Tourism industry urgently needs skilled and creative managers who: 1. Understand how to tackle sustainability challenges of tourism and its impact on societies; 2. Master different ways of critical thinking needed for solving complex problems; 3. Implement sustainable change integrating the perspectives of local residents, tourists, and service providers…to create a sustainable future of travel and tourism. Not just in Switzerland, but worldwide.
 During your University degree in tourism, would you like to Master: 1. Cutting-edge tools to interact successfully in an ever more digital international tourism environment? 2. Intercultural competences that take time to develop but are required for present-day international tourism jobs? 3. Unique communication and leadership skills that enable a high-level career in the global tourism market?

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The Master in International Tourism seeks to respond to this challenge and offers a program that goes beyond the limited focus of professional masters courses, proposing instead a transversal and multidisciplinary approach at a university level.

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Shape the Sustainable Future of Travel and Tourism
Tourism has grown to become a global economic industry. Managing international tourism means understanding its diversity and requires a frequent change of perspectives between the various stakeholders involved in tourism. 
The USI Master in International Tourism responds to this need by offering a multidisciplinary and forward-thinking approach. While acquiring toolkits of Economics, Communication Sciences, and Management, you master different ways of critical thinking which are key to solving complex problems in tourism.
While our core courses give you a helicopter view of the International Tourism Industry, you specialize yourself during your minor in eTourism, minor in Sustainability, the World Challenges Programme, or a semester abroad at one of our selected partner universities..
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Entry requirements

Admission to the International Tourism programme is based on academic and language requirements.
The formal requirement for admission to the USI Master in International Tourism is a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Administration, Management, Communication Sciences, Marketing, International Relations, Political Science, Public Administration, Transportation Science, Geography, Environmental Science, History, Law, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Languages and Literature, Tourism, and other related fields, granted by a recognised university.
To guarantee the optimal ratio between learners and the USI Master in International Tourism faculty, the places offered are limited. Therefore, selection can be effected on the basis of academic results. Admissions will be treated on a case by case basis.
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Career outcomes

Preparing you to work in various functions within tourism businesses and equipping you for a high-level career in the International Tourism industry in: Destination Management & Marketing organizations; Transportation & Accommodation companies; Event Management & Conferences; (Online) Tour Operators; Corporate Travel Management; Tourism Research & Consultancy; Governments, NGOs & Tourism Industry Associations.
The advanced multidisciplinary and problem-solving skills developed by our graduates are highly valued by employers worldwide. Get inspired by the Career Stories of our Master in International Tourism Alumni.
Successful completion of the USI Master in International Tourism also provides preferential access to the Ph.D. programs in Economics or Communication Sciences offered at USI, in which you can write your Ph.D. dissertation on a tourism-related topic.
Be part of the USI Master in International Tourism to shape the sustainable future of travel and tourism.

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