Applied Economics

Businesses, research institutions and government agencies reply on professionals who can extract insights from financial data and make strategic decisions in a global economy. By studying the online MSc Applied Economics with the University of Bath, you will engage in comprehensive study of economic theory and gain practical skills to support efforts to sustain economic growth and improve lives. 

The University of Bath’s applied economics course cuts through abstract to focus on how economics works in the real world and is one of the top degrees for developing networks and attracting attention from a range of employers. You’ll learn from big names in the field and receive cutting-edge software training that enables you to mine and analyse complex data. Through interactive exercises and case studies, you will learn how organisations address economic issues, financial crisis and other pressing challenges. 

•    Top 10 in The Times and The Sunday Times University Guide 2022
•    2nd for graduate prospects in Accounting and Finance in The Complete University Guide 2023
•    Top 5 for Accounting and Finance in The Guardian University Guide 2022

Student testimonials
Ané Craig, Applied Economics online MSc student
Ané Craig, Applied Economics online MSc student
The online environment has allowed me to meet and work with students from various backgrounds, in different fields of employment, from all over the world.
Emmanuel Nkrumah, Applied Economics online MSc student
Emmanuel Nkrumah, Applied Economics online MSc student
I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get their feet wet again in applying economic concepts to real-world problems.
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From political uncertainty to finance and recruitment demands, economics is integral to everyday decision-making. Go beyond the research papers and emphasise practice from theory with the University of Bath’s Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) online MSc, gaining insights you can put into action from day one.

Course details

You will learn how to analyse, interpret, and critically evaluate economic data and research, as well as how to use micro and macro-economics to guide strategic decision-making. During the 100% online course you will learn how to apply these principles you have learnt to real world economics and policy issues, and even your own research projects.

Curriculum details

•    Principles of Economics, Maths and Statistics (10 credits)
•    Applied microeconomics A (10 credits)
•    Applied microeconomics B (10 credits)
•    Applied macroeconomics A (10 credits)
•    Applied macroeconomics B (10 credits)
•    Applied econometrics A (10 credits)
•    Applied econometrics B (10 credits)
•    Strategic decision making and games A (10 credits)
•    Strategic decision making and games B (10 credits)
•    Economics of financial institutions (10 credits)
•    International monetary policy and institutions (10 credits)
•    Financial markets (10 credits)
•    Applied financial economics (10 credits)
•    Applied research methods (10 credits)
•    Master’s project (40 credits)

You will learn via immersive video material and real-life case studies, as well as benefit from direct and regular communication with other students and lecturers. The online MSc Applied Economics (Banking and Financial Markets) is a passage to cutting-edge research and sought-after careers, for those with work and lifestyle commitments.

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Career outcomes

Gain an edge in the global job market 

At the University of Bath, your employability is the biggest focus. The course is bursting with contemporary ideas and unique case studies, providing you with all the theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and confidence for a long & successful career in banking and finance. If you want to enhance your prospects and become the economics expert at your company, this online course can make it happen.


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