International Ph.D. Program in Medicine

The International Ph.D. Program in Medicine (IGPM) recruited its first batch of students in 2016. Supported by over 300 faculty members in the College of Medicine, IGPM students have access to a wide variety of knowledge and expertise when deciding their advisory committee. The Program also offer opportunities to undertake interdisciplinary research and clinical training, through which students receive instruction in the fundamentals of—and training in—the medical and biomedical sciences, as well as master the knowledge and investigative approaches in their chosen areas of specialization. Clinical training elements of the Program will take place in TMU’s affiliated hospitals. Internship programs may also be arranged with our industrial partners, depending on the students’ learning needs. 

Most of our graduates completed the Program in three years.

Student testimonials
Uyanga Batzorig (2013~2015 & 2019~2022)
Uyanga Batzorig (2013~2015 & 2019~2022)
IGPM is the best Ph.D. program for the international medical doctors in Taiwan. It offers many classes in English for international students.
Noor Andryan Ilsan (2019~2022)
Noor Andryan Ilsan (2019~2022)
Studying the IGPM Ph.D. program gave me a new insight about the medical-related knowledge. This program provides many scholarship opportunities.
Paid course type

The International Ph.D. Program in Medicine (IGPM) is designed for international students with expertise as clinicians, biomedical researchers, or in other healthcare related professions. Supported by the university’s core facilities and laboratory animal center services, IGPM provides customizable courses and flexible pathways to independent thinkers and problem solvers who will improve health care around the world through advancement of biomedical research.

Course details

Courses are categorized into six divisions, including
-Molecular Medicine Division
-Community Medicine Division
-Tropical Medicine Division
-Neurological Medicine Division
-Clinical Medicine Division
-Healthcare Education Division

With over 250 onsite courses and access to online courses from the world's leading universities, IGPM provides students the most flexibility with course selection to suit their individual learning interest and academic aspiration. 

IGPM not only offers on-campus, classroom-based sessions but also provides the following learning programs,
-International Clinical Training Program (ICTP): ICTP allows students with medical qualifications to participate in clinical training at TMU's affiliated hospitals.
-Internship Program: Students may be offered opportunities to work as overseas interns  with pharmaceutical companies or biotech companies.

Entry requirements

The International Ph.D. Program in Medicine (IGPM) welcomes international students with backgrounds in medical professional, biomedical research or other healthcare-related fields to join us. Applicants must satisfy ONE of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Have obtained a master’s degree in a medical/biomedical profession / or other healthcare-related fields; 
  2. Have obtained an M.D. degree and received at least two years of documented clinical training and has publications equivalent to a master’s degree thesis.

Please visit our website for more information.

Career outcomes

IGPM is equipped with world renowned facilities and education resources, which help ensure that our students are supported at the best possible level in their pursuit of academic ambitions. Having been trained to independently initiate, execute, and manage research projects, our alumni have proven potentials in playing significant roles in their respective fields of specialization. We integrate employability skills development into every aspect of our curriculum. In addition to an in-depth understanding of one’s discipline, students will also gain access to knowledge and networks of their mentor apprenticeships whose expertise will facilitate the development of their career in biomedical research. Our graduates generally look at a wide range of organizations and industries for career opportunities, including research institutions, government departments, medical institutions, academic facilities, as well as the pharmaceutical and biomedical companies.

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