Mechanical Engineering

The program is delivered by one of the fast growing institution of higher learning, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU). Being situated in the Eastern Province, PMU not only has the benefit of being in one of the most progressive and fast evolving cities in the Kingdom, but it also has the advantage of being all around massive global companies such as: Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Halliburton, Yokogawa, Schlumberger and GE.

This gives our students a massive geographical advantage with the ease of studying, Interning and working all in the same city.

The Mechanical Engineering program that is part of the many programs delivered by the College of Engineering at PMU provides students the theoretical foundations in the field of Mechanical Engineering and equips them with the practical knowledge needed to succeed in the industry. We equip our students with all the technicalities and communication skills required and we ensure this is happening through a dedicated team of professionals and state of the arts labs.


Mechanical engineering is the oldest branch of engineering that deals with the application of science and mathematics to design, build and maintain devices and processes. Machines (vehicles, turbines, pumps, engines, etc.) and mechanical systems (air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, fire-fighting system and building services systems, etc.) are designed, manufactured and maintained. Its graduates work in wide range of industries like Energy & Petroleum, Automotive, Automation, Robotics, Aerospace, HVAC, Materials & Manufacturing.

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Mechanical engineering is the profession where machines (vehicles, turbines, pumps, engines, etc) and mechanical systems (air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, fire fighting system and building services systems) are designed, manufactured and maintained. Syllabi include techniques for students to develop communication, teamwork, and leadership skills as part of an overall strategy for achieving the PMU core competencies. The curriculum is designed to be accredited by the local Saudi accreditation (NCAAA) and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), which requires a balanced program of general education, engineering science, and design courses.

The state of the art curriculum of ME@PMU is compatible with the American Standards and has been designed by Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) of of is compatible with the American Standards and has been designed by Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) of USA. Courses details can be accessed from the link: 

Entry requirements

PMU accepts students who successfully comply with the requirements set by the university.  It admits both male and female students. To ensure that the students the university admits will be prepared to succeed in PMU’s challenging academic environment, a non-credit Preparation Year Program will be provided to assist entering students in developing their skills in English, mathematics, and learning and study methods.

Some students, particularly those from other countries or from international school in the Kingdom where the medium of instruction is English, may seek to bypass the Preparatory Program and be placed directly into degree studies. The student’s eligibility for admission directly into degree studies is based on performance on standardized placement examination given after admission to the Preparatory Program.

Details of the admission criteria is posted here. 

Career outcomes

Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering program have many working opportunities in and outside the Kingdom. They are ready to excel as Design Engineers, Production Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Process Engineers. BSc graduates may also pursue graduate studies. 

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