Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation

The knowledge of Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation  can be used in automobile, aircraft, architecture, industrial instrument, engine and other levels.  

The discipline involves in offering support to analyze, design and produce mechanical system by using the laws of physics. It requires students to deeply understand applied mechanics, thermology and other basic scientific principles, using which to analyze static and dynamic material system, create and design practical device, equipment, instrument, tools, etc,. Besides, students are required to combine automatic technology and information technology with mechanical equipment and system in order to form a series of advanced manufacturing technology, promoting the traditional machining operation and Manufacturing management system optimization in a qualitative leap forward.      

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Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation  is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is based theoretically in nature science and technology science, combining the technology experience of production practice, and focused on the research and development of complex aerospace products.  

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Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation  is founded to implement international education concept & teaching mode in Engineering. To create international education atmosphere, all courses are taught in English, part of which are taught by foreign teachers; and the learning material of main courses refer to that of world-class universities.  

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This profession refers to the teaching modes and talent-cultivation systems of world-class universities, and all classes are taught in English. And here is the goal: The students will grasp the basics and expertise of mechanical engineering, with the ability to apply modern design approaches & manufacturing technology to solve practical problems. They will become interdisciplinary talents with solid foundation of knowledge, developed practice spirits, outstanding 

communication skills, global view and creation consciousness.  

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